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Istanbul is Turkey’s largest city and is spread across two continents. Nestled on the border of Europe and Asia, Istanbul is prized for its rich culture that embraces both continents, along with gorgeous scenery and a powerful history dating back three hundred thousand years.

Istanbul is complete with astonishing attractions from the historical peninsula to the Grand Bazaar, the Blue Mosque, Nuru Osmaniye and many more. Istanbul built its foundations on the strength of its history and culture, but its recent movement has been into one of the hippest cities in the world, which has tourists flocking.

Istanbul’s nightlife has quickly become a high point in an already amazing culture. With a flurry of new restaurants, galleries, bars and night clubs across the city, the nightlife provides the perfect balance between daytime tourist and night-time partying, or relaxation.

Istanbul is a city all about wonderful culture vivacious entertainment; a stellar experience for any traveller.

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