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We sailed Croatia on the Peregrine Dalmatia and had an unforgettable experience. Read more about our trip and what it was like to explore this beautiful country on a small but luxurious ship. 
Visiting Canada: What to see when visiting the ‘Great White North’
With so much ground to cover in Canada, we decided to give you some tips on top spots! Let's explore some of the best the ‘Great White North’ has to offer.
Take the road less travelled
Take a look at our top underrated destinations that are as exciting, culturally rich, and beautiful as some of their more popular counterparts.
21 Sep 2018
Your guide to Central America
Experience cultural diversity and natural beauty in some of Central America’s most beautiful destinations. We explore our top 5 destinations to travel to in our latest blog post.
13 Sep 2018
3 great cities to visit in the USA
The USA is a big country and it can be hard to pinpoint priority stops during your travels. In this article we'll highlight three of the best.
3 sights in Antarctica you won't want to miss
Antarctica is home to so much beauty. What sights should you prioritise on you trip? Here are some of our must-see stops on this beautiful continent.
Cruise holidays
Why you should book your cruise holiday with a travel agent... 
13 Aug 2018