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Travellers Choice is an award-winning retail network of independent Australian travel businesses. Since 1977, we have developed a privileged reputation for supporting different independent agency models from home-based to high street, boutique to multi-location, retail/wholesale hybrids and online operators.

We provide a suite of services and benefits accessible through a carefully-crafted membership structure which offers flexible business solutions to meet members' needs today and also tomorrow. 

As a member of Travellers Choice you become part of an organisation with a warm and inclusive culture, one in which members share advice, encouragement and practical support. In addition, you become a shareholder in our public unlisted company. That means you benefit financially from the company's success and enjoy the opportunity to exercise control through equal voting rights and participation in key decision-making processes. For information regarding the purchase of shares:

Find out more about Travellers Choice membership by visiting our dedicated trade website.

We truly are the champion of independent travel businesses in Australia!

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