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Whether you're a new or experienced traveller, we guarantee that you will find something that sparks your interest in Discover Magazine. Travel around the world learning about the hottest destinations, the local food you have to try and the must-do experiences that are easily missed by tourists.

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Autumn Issue 2020

Discover the ultimate Greek island odyssey and spend 24 hours in Munich.

Spring/Summer Issue 2019

Spend the festivities in Salzburg, cruise across the transatlantic and spend 24 hours in Cebu.

Discover Magazine Winter Issue

Winter Issue 2019

Explore exotic Penang, stargaze in New Zealand's north and spend 24 hours in Budapest.


Autumn Issue 2019

Adventure along the Amazon, step back in time in Napier and spend 24-hours in Berlin. 

Discover Spring/Summer 2019 

Spring/Summer Issue 2019

Explore the heart of Scotland, spend 24-hours in Abu Dhabi and live the hipster dream in Denver, USA.

Discover Magazine Winter 2018

Winter Issue 2018

Get your winter fix in Whistler, culture and warmth in Mexico, cruise down the River Nile or explore the quirky Isle of Norfolk.



Autumn Issue 2018

Experience a sensory overload in India, cruise down the Panama Canal, and take the silo art trail in Victoria.


Spring/Summer Issue 2018

Explore Queenstown, channel a Game of Thrones character in Northern Ireland, and discover the beauty of Iceland.

Winter 2017 

Winter Issue 2017

Say 'Aloha' to Hawaii, discover the reign of Cunard's royal cruise ships, and unearth all that Oman has to offer.

Autumn 2017

Autumn Issue 2017

Go back in time in ancient Umbria, venture off the beaten track in Papa New Guinea and discover Perth's restaurant revolution.

Spring Summer 2016

Spring/Summer Issue 2016

Visit quirky Quebec, fall in love with Southern Germany and cruise the mighty Yangtze river.

 Winter 2016

Winter Issue 2016

Spend 24 hours in San Francisco, explore Botswana and learn about the wildlife and uncover Naples.

 Autumn 2016

Autumn Issue 2016

Find out about the art of tradition in Japan, sail a tall ship around the Cape Verde Islands and follow the music to Salzburg, Austria.


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