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Italy Holidays

Italy Holidays

09 Jun 2017 Angela Matthews Couples, Family, Flights, Rail, Self Drive, Tours, Travel Tips
An Italian holiday is the ultimate dream for many travellers and as there is so much to see and do, it can be difficult to decide where to travel to first. Here are some of Italy’s best highlights to incorporate into a tour of Italy.


From the first to the last breath, Rome is a city thriving with culture. One of the best examples of ancient architecture in Rome – and one of Italy’s most-visited monuments – is the Colosseum. This structure was completed in 80 A.D. and was the home of many gladiator contests, executions, and dramas. 

The Pantheon is also a must-see in Rome. Located in the city’s northeast, it was built around 126 A.D. and presents visitors with an amazing trip back in time. If you’re here, also ensure that the Roman Forum, Vatican City, St Peter’s Basilica and the Trevi Fountain are all on your sightseeing list.

Don’t forget to take some time out from sightseeing and enjoy a gelato, coffee or beer at one of the many cafes and restaurants. Grab a table outside and sit back, relax and soak up the Roman atmosphere – it’s like nowhere else!


The largest Mediterranean island located in southern Italy, Sicily is a wonderful blend of incredible history and beautiful beaches. A visit to the Doric Temples and the Valley of the Temples is a must, as is a trip to Palermo, where bustling streets, vibrant markets and amazing cuisines are to be found.

Mount Etna is also worth a visit, even if it is the largest, active volcano in Europe! Tours here, whether by bus or helicopter, are common so it is easy to do. If you’re keen on seeing more volcanoes, catch a ferry out to the Aeolian Islands, where you can bathe in the thermal hot pools and dip into the beautiful beaches.

There are also plenty of castles and temples to visit in Sicily. Popular castles here include Castello a Mare (Palermo), Castello di Caccamo (San Leonardo), Castello di Donnafugata (Ragusa) and Castello di Milazzo (Milazzo). Guided tours can be arranged.


There’s no doubt about it – any holiday to Italy must include Venice! This iconic floating city is one of Italy’s most spectacular destinations. 

In Venice, you can cruise down the Grand Canal in a beautiful gondola, visit St. Mark’s Square (or the Piazza San Marco) where you’ll find the Basilica San Marco, the Bell Tower, Doge’s Palace and much more. Don’t forget to also try your shopping luck at the Rialto markets and take a stroll over the Rialto Bridge. 

If you’re keen on art, the Academia Gallery also features dozens of works by Renaissance artists including Bellini and Titian. Once you’ve exhausted Venice, the island of Burano is a delight, particularly for its less-crowded atmosphere and its brightly coloured buildings.

Remember to take lots of photographs. According to scientists, Venice is sinking so it may not look how it does today for much longer!


Situated on Italy’s west coast, the region of Tuscany is known for its incredible culture and its diverse geography. There are gorgeous coastlines and medieval castles. 

The best thing about Tuscany is that your holiday here can be whatever you want it to be. Soak up the museums and amazing artworks in Florence, head to the Leaning Tower of Pisa, discover the beauty of the city of Lucca, or discover the Renaissance in Montepulciano. 

Tuscan cuisine is wonderfully simple, but delicious, and it’s a great way to experience the roots of some of Italy’s best food. If you’re travelling in October or November, don’t forget to try the San Miniato truffles. You won’t regret it!

Amalfi Coast

A stretch of dramatic coastline, dotted with picturesque towns and villages, the Amalfi Coast is stunning and a must-see! Positano and Sorrento are beautiful towns that are popular with tourists, but it is easy to see why.

There are plenty of delicious restaurants to sample in the area, fantastic hiking trails and, like the rest of Italy, superb architecture to admire. Top sights are the Cattedrale di Sant’Andrea in Amalfi, Museo Correale in Sorrento and Villa Cimbrone in Ravello.

A little north you’ll find Naples, Mount Vesuvius and famous Pompeii. Naples is the third largest city in Italy and is a great base for exploring the surrounding region. Day trips from Naples to Pompeii are common and relatively in-expensive. Keep a close on eye on Mount Vesuvius – it’s the only active volcano in mainland Europe!


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