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South West England’s Bath is the original spa town: the ancient Romans were indulging in its thermal springs almost 2,000 years ago.

Bath flourished again in the early 18th century Georgian era, at a time when many of the beautiful neoclassical buildings seen there today were built, and artists and high society alike flocked to the fashionable city.

Now, there are a number of ancient Roman sites still dotted around Bath; they are very well-preserved and juxtapose wonderfully against the elegant Georgian boulevards, crescents, terraces and Ionic columns.

The Roman Baths Museum is arguably the top attraction in the city. Its main attraction is the Sacred Spring, below modern street level, where naturally hot water (46 °C!) rises daily like it has for millennia. Just across the way is Bath Abbey, founded in the 7th century and built in the Gothic style.    

Don’t leave Bath without trying a Sally Lunn Bun, a famous and historic teacake unique to the city.  

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