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Are you planning a holiday to the UK or are you keen to explore Europe? Take a look at our current UK & Europe travel deals, or contact us for more information.

From the beautiful canals of Venice to the snowy slopes of Switzerland, Europe has long towered at the heights of history and culture, calling to travellers from all over the world.

Whether you’re looking for a holiday in France, Germany, Greece, Austria or Spain, or the top places to see in London – Europe is only a short, 20-hour flight away from our Aussie shores. Just think – you could be there tomorrow!

Below are some of this great continent’s best destinations. Or if you are looking to break up the mid-year funk, check out our Top 5 Destinations in Europe to escape the Australian winter.

Paris, France

With sights like the Louvre, Notre Dame Cathedral, the Arc de Triomphe, the Sacré Cœur and of course, the Eiffel Tower, Paris is one of the central hubs of Europe to which millions flock each year. Other holidays in France are also highly accessible from Paris, with destinations like Marseille, Monte Carlo, Lyon and Toulouse just a few hours away by train, plane, bus or car.

Venice, Italy

Holidays in Italy are never truly complete without a tour of Venice. Here, travellers can sail the wondrous canals, get lost in winding streets, explore St. Mark’s Square and Basilica and visit the Rialto Food Markets. For amazing views, guests should take the lift to the top of Campanile di San Marco, where, on clear days, you see all the way out to the Alps.

Santorini (Thera), Greece

As you’d expect, many Greek holidays revolve around Athens and the ancient sites, but the island of Santorini is a ‘must see’ for Greece holiday goers. Known for its iconic white-washed dwellings and blue, domed roofs, not to mention its black-sand beaches, this Mediterranean gem is all that’s left of a huge, volcanic eruption from thousands of years ago. Something to think about while sipping wine on the beach!

Ibiza, Spain

In the quiet seasons, Ibiza has much more to offer tourists other than simply bars and clubs. Traveller’s can take advantage of the island’s luxurious beaches, where diving, sailing and windsurfing are common. Further inland, travellers can explore the markets, as well as embark on tours to the Salt Flats and the Can Marca Caves.

Lucerne, Switzerland

Travellers often favour Geneva and Zurich in Switzerland, but the magical town of Lucerne is a cultural jewel tucked away in the central-north of the country and flanked by the Swiss Alps. Around Lake Lucerne and the Reuss River, visitors will find the eminent Chapel Bridge, as well as a variety of museums, cafes, shopping and bars. Other wonderful past times here include visiting Mt. Pilatus, Mt. Riji, the Glacier Gardens and Old Town.

Prague, Czech Republic

The heart of the Czech Republic, Prague is often considered an essential city while on holidays in Europe and is renowned for its breathtaking architecture from the Gothic and Renaissance eras. Must-see tours in Prague include Prague Castle, the Charles Bridge, the Astronomical Clock, Old Town, St. Vitus Cathedral, the Old Jewish Cemetery and the modern ‘Dancing Building,’ all of which are an incredible feast for the eyes.

UK & Europe City Guides

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