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Nestled high in the foothills of the Andes, Quito is the bustling capital city of Ecuador. One of the city’s best attractions is Vulqano Park. As far as amusement parks go, there aren’t many that can boast a view of volcanos. The park has just over 20 rides, and is perfect for a travelling family.
Speaking of volcanoes, travellers can actually visit the Pichincha Volcano, riding a gondola up one of the world’s steepest aerial lifts. Known as the Quito Teleferico, the chance to ride up high above the city and see it all thousands of meters above sea level is not one to be missed. 

For something a little less strenuous, explore the city’s landmarks, many of which have roots in the colonial Spanish history of the nation. This includes La Compañía, a spectacularly intricate Jesuit church in the city. There’s also the Basílica del Voto Nacionalan historic gothic church that’s almost 100 years old. 
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