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Patagonia: Its features and attractions

Patagonia: Its features and attractions

11 Mar 2016 Angela Matthews Couples, Family, Tours, Travel Tips

Located at the southern tip of the South American continent, there’s nowhere in the world quite like Patagonia. Favoured by adventure-seeking travellers, the region is shared between Chile and Argentina, and offers visitors the chance to connect with a pristine landscape. Indeed, the sparse human population across the region has helped to preserve some of the most beautiful landscapes on the planet.

Here, we’ll take a look at a few of the foremost attractions and features of Patagonia that have people flocking to the region.

Sights & Activities

The region of Patagonia is rich with rivers, lakes, and mountains, and so the two best loved activities on offer are hiking and kayaking. The best part is that there’s a challenge level suitable for just about everyone, so even those less inclined to a hike can still enjoy the scenery. 

Bicycles are a perfect alternative for sight-seeing too; an abundance of roads and tracks make it easy and fun to cycle your way through the region.

An Ice Place to Visit

For most people around the world, glaciers are a fascinating, alien sight, but they're common across Patagonia. Found in the many national parks, glaciers vary in size and accessibility. For the best experience, try a tour company that specialises in the sites, which will allow you to get up close and personal with the mammoth ice chunk. 

The enormous Glaciar Moreno is one of the most popular. Its almost imperceptible movement proves to be a very serene experience. On the flipside, it can be quite exciting when lucky enough to see chunks fall from the ice!

Marine Life

Tourists can get up close to a marine menagerie strewn across Patagonia, with sea habitats teeming with life. Whale watching is among the most exciting attractions on offer. The South Atlantic Sea is busy with whale activity, particularly in the winter months, when mother and child Southern right whales can be seen in the waters. 

Other marine mammals include sea lions, seals, and penguins. Infact, Punta Tombo features the largest penguin colony in the world, with nearly half a million penguins living in the area in the Spring and Summer months.

Where to Stay

Forget the enormous hotel chains; across the Patagonian region, in both Argentina and Chile, there are numerous estancias (ranches) that are available to stay in. Situated on the land, and often attached to farms, these cosy bed & breakfast-style lodgings allow for a more authentic experience of the land. 

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