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Walk like a pilgrim!

Walk like a pilgrim!

Words by Julietta Jameson

Cammino di Francesco, Italy

The Way of St Francis is a 520 kilometre walk between Assisi and Rome. Though often challenging, it rewards in beautiful architecture, natural landscapes and art.

Camino de Santiago, Spain

The nearly 800 kilometre Way of St James is the Western world’s most well-known pilgrimage. Even if you only walk the last 100 kilometres, the Camino offers a spectacular northern Spanish experience.

Northern Cross, UK

You can walk to the Holy Island of Lindisfarne, the home of 7th century saint, Aidan. It’s around five kilometres across sand,
but often part of a wider Northumberland Coast itinerary.

Kumano Kodo, Japan

The World Heritage listed Kumano Kodo trail on Japan’s Kii peninsula touches glorious landscapes, pretty villages and shrines that date back 1500 years.

Abraham Path, the Middle East

Spanning 2000 kilometres through Turkey, Egypt, Palestine, Israel and Jordan – this track traces the travels of Abraham. It was created in 2007 to change perceptions of the Middle East.

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