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Holidays to Brazil

Holidays to Brazil

19 Jan 2017 Angela Matthews Travel Tips
There is nothing more refreshing or revitalising than a holiday to Brazil! This South American holiday offers travellers everything from sandy, white beaches to lush rainforests, colonial architecture and a rich, modern day culture infused with ancient roots.

Rio De Janeiro

Sandwiched between beaches and rainforest, Rio de Janeiro is a destination not to be missed. Tourists here should stay in Centro or in the tourist-friendly south zone, which are both the safest and most central places to be. From here, you can explore locations such as the Rio de Janeiro Harbour, Downtown, Botanical Gardens and Christ the Redeemer. Further out, a trip to Sugarloaf Mountain is a must and the beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema offer some of the most stunning waterside experiences in all of South America.

Iguazu Falls

A breathtaking addition to your Brazil holiday package is the Iguazu Falls. A spectacular waterfall of momentous proportions, the Falls are 2.7 kilometres wide in total and comprise of over 200 waterfalls, with water dropping between 60 and 82 metres into the Iguazu River. Plane and helicopter journeys are a fantastic experience here, as are bus and car tours to cross over the borders into neighbouring Argentina and/or Paraguay. If you decide to walk through the National Park, make sure you stop off at Devil’s Throat, which is one of the best places to view the falls while in Brazil.

Sao Paulo

The largest city in Brazil and named after Saint Paul, this thriving metropolis is located in Brazil’s southeast region. Paulista Avenue is a must-see, with its many museums and cultural centres, and for those who enjoy architecture, the Banespa Building and Edificio Italia are must-visit skyscrapers, each with their own observation decks providing panoramic views of this bustling city. The abundance of parks in San Paulo are also divine, creating a great juxtaposition between the soaring buildings of the skyline and the natural beauty that Brazil has to offer. For a unique day-trip, take a stroll through Parque Anhanguera, which contains a native Atlantic forest and has an area of 9,000,000 metres square.


An absolute paradise, the small town of Paraty lies just south from Rio de Janeiro in Costa Verde and offers travellers a more relaxed destination beside the sea. Established in the 1600s during the gold rush and influenced by Portuguese and Brazilian architecture, this historic city is known for its rich culture and its striking, surrounding mountain scenery. Visits to small churches and forts here are common and during the summer, the town is a bustling, cosmopolitan of tourists, cafes, galleries and music. Quiet, beach-side relaxing is a must in Paraty, as is a journey into the greater landscape.

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