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Lima is the culinary pioneer of South America, with an impressive range of fine dining options specialising in regional and international cuisines. A “must eat” is ceviche, raw seafood cured in citrus juices, which you can’t miss because it’s served at most restaurants, high and low. Cevicherías (or cebicherías) are restaurants that specialise in the dish.

And don’t forget to have a Pisco Sour before you leave. Peru’s national drink is a frothy concoction of pisco (a type of brandy), citrus juice and egg white. Don’t worry, it’s not all sour – there is a sweetener added.

Top off your cuisine adventure with a visit to the House of Gastronomy, a museum exploring over 500 years of Peruvian gastronomy. Spend the rest of your time taking in the colonial sites around the historic centre, such as the Plaza Mayor, the Cathedral of Lima and the Church of San Francisco. 

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