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Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

San Francisco

There can never be a day in San Francisco that is the same. Between treetops and rolling fogs over the great Golden Gate Bridge, the possibilities of exploration are endless. At the hub of the city lies Union Square – named for pro-Union Civil War rallies held there more than 150 years ago. Key fashion brands line up against each other from high end department stores to local boutiques, all reviewable from the centre square benches. During festive seasons, the Square lights up in abundance of decorations and lights – a scene not be missed!

For culture enthusiasts, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art does not adhere to traditional art museum layouts. In fact, the museum is unconventional in a way that makes it an enjoyable experience for people of all ages, dubbed the “light-filled brick box”. If anything, a drive up to Colt Tower will always be a memorable one, where the whole of Downtown San Francisco can be viewed just below. 

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