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Beaches of Los Angeles

Beaches of Los Angeles

Amid the palm trees of perpetually-sunny Los Angeles, visitors can discover some of the best-loved beaches in the world. LA is famous for its surf culture, so there’s plenty for visitors to see in the coastal city. All you need to do is grab a car (essential for exploring LA) and mark out your route.
And don’t forget to grab a burger on the way!

Venice Beach

Venice Beach is the quintessential beach; most iconic in all of Los Angeles. As a must-visit destination, it’s comparable to wandering through Times Square in New York or seeing the Eiffel Tower in Paris. 

Along its boardwalk you’ll see performers, artists, and people from just about every walk of life. It’s also where you’ll find Muscle Beach, a world-famous stretch known for the rippling muscles on the bodybuilders who both work out, and put on a show for visitors. 

Of course, some people actually head to Venice Beach to swim! You’ll find plenty to do on the sand, whether you’re planning to dip a toe in, or head into the surf. No need to cart your own board overseas either - you can rent one right on the boardwalk!

Malibu Beach

As long as we’re talking iconic locations, you can’t pass up the opportunity to visit Surfrider Beach, also known as Malibu Beach. The spiritual home of surf culture in Los Angeles, Malibu Beach is a must-visit for surfers keen to ride the waves at one of the best spots in the world.  

Non-surfers can get plenty out of visiting too: watch from the sand as the locals surf up a storm. They are pretty impressive!

Manhattan Beach

If you’re keen to see some truly big surf, head on over to Manhattan Beach, located on the southern coast of the city. Here you’ll find expert surfers riding along the enormous swell, legions of sunbathers on the sand, and a healthy dose of beach volleyball players. 

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