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The sun-drenched city of Miami is where America goes to party, and with good reason!

Miami Beach is world-famous, though it’s not just one stretch of beach; it’s a whole area filled with entertainment, nightlife, and of course, sun and sand. South Beach is another destination for enjoying the water, with thousands flocking there for a dip when the mercury rises.
With a large Cuban population, Little Havana is well worth a visit for plenty of reasons, not least of which is the incredible food! A vibrant area filled with special sights, sounds and flavours, it should certainly be on any Miami visitor’s must-see list.
Animal lovers will adore the variety of attractions on offer, including the cage-less Miami Zoo, and Jungle Island, a menagerie with everything from flamingos to lions! To see the sea life, there’s the Miami Seaquarium, which is home to dolphins, killer whales and seals.

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