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One way to describe Boston is the ‘Athens of America’, for its being central to American history and having the cultural facilities to show it. Important national landmarks in the city include Boston Common, America’s oldest public park, Boston Public Library, and the site of the first public school in America. If you want to see all the main landmarks, the Freedom Trail is a famous walking tour that takes visitors to 16 historic sites around Boston, all in 2-3 hours.

Boston is a very large city made up of unique historic neighbourhoods. While it’s not as easy to navigate on foot as New York - most of Boston’s streets are very old and mazelike – this actually gives the city an old-world charm as it is so picturesque.

Boston is a proud championship sports city, so catching a Boston Red Sox (baseball), Celtics (basketball) or New England Patriots (American football) game is a must. Even those who shy away from sport won’t be able to escape the thrill!

During the American autumn, winter and spring, the acclaimed Boston Symphony Orchestra performs classical music at Symphony Hall. Boston’s Theatre District is also worth adding to the list: many Broadway shows preview there, as well as local productions that are fantastic in their own right.

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