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Cruising holidays are a great choice for every type of traveller, from honeymooners, to families, older couples and anybody looking to visiting exotic destinations with ease. Cruise holidays make travelling incredibly easy; once you’re settled in your cabin, you don’t have to worry about dates, times or directions. Not to mention the hassle of repacking and unpacking! Just relax, sit back and each day, you’ll wake up at an incredible new destination.

Ocean Cruising

On an ordinary holiday you’d most likely fly in and out of a destination or two, whereas a cruising holiday guides you to numerous exciting destinations. Popular ocean cruising destinations include Europe, the North Pacific, Australia, Asia, New Zealand, the South Pacific, The US, Africa and often a combination of those named! Read more about the ocean cruising experience.

Europe Ocean Cruising

Experience the Mediterranean like never before, imagine drifting along beautiful beaches via stunning islands, stopping off in Italy, Greece, Spain and France! Mediterranean cruise holidays are available all year round and on board various ships, learn more through our agents!

South Pacific Cruising

The South Pacific is a destination made up of magical islands, unspoiled waters, gorgeous sights and warm locals. Once stepping off the boat explore the local markets, relax on the beaches, discover the marine life when snorkelling or simply take in the stunning scenery. Pacific cruising offers the allure of unrivaled natural beauty and mysterious island cultures. Australia and New Zealand are just two of the many fantastic islands in the world's southern oceans to experience on a cruise. 

US Cruising

The United States is huge, with cruising holidays most popular through the Hawaiian Islands and in Alaska. Whether you looking for an icy escape or a warm retreat at sea, there are options for both! Alaskan cruise holidays will get you up close and personal with glistening glaciers, striking woodlands, incredible wildlife and the mountain scenery while Hawaiian cruising holiday highlights include seeing the active volcanoes, stunning beaches and mingling with the friendly people!

River Cruising

River cruising holidays are truly magical with the intimate surroundings and the ease of being on board a luxurious ship. Get to experience a country via the rivers that run through them. From the romantic Rhine to the scenic Danube, enjoy historic cities, traditional towns and magnificent scenery, there is a river cruise suited for every traveller! 

Onboard the Cruise Ship

While the destinations may differ, the onboard experience remains. When on a cruising holiday there is always a vast range of exciting entertainment and dining options. From cocktail nights for the adults, to movies for the kids, fine dining and buffet style restaurants, there is something for everybody! Cruise ships are also equipped with swimming pools, day spas, shops, and more. Accommodation wise, there are options for every budget, including basic cabins, rooms with views to something a little more luxurious.

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