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7 reasons to go Pacific cruising

7 reasons to go Pacific cruising

04 Aug 2016 Angela Matthews Couples, Ocean Cruise, Family, Travel Tips
Pacific cruising is one of the most memorable and exciting cruise holidays you can embark on. With opportunities to relax and see much more than on a self-planned holiday, pacific cruising is the supreme holiday choice for couples, families and solo travellers who truly want a taste of the Pacific’s most beautiful destinations. 

1. More Than One Destination:

On an ordinary pacific holiday, you’d most likely fly in to your destination, stay there for a week or two, and fly out. Pacific cruise holidays, on the other hand, allow you to see and visit a variety of islands and destinations all on the one trip, including hotspots like Fiji, Vanuatu, New Caledonia and Easter Island.  

2. Ease of Travel:

Anyone who has ever been pacific cruising will know just how easy it is to travel from place to place. Forget the stress of driving, arriving on time for flights, navigating roads and transport systems and unpacking your bags each time. Cruise holidays make travelling incredibly easy; once you’re settled in your cabin, you don’t have to worry about dates, times or directions. Just relax back and each day, you’ll wake up at an incredible new destination.  

3. On Board Activities:

Cruise holidays also offer guests a wealth of on board activities. These can keep you entertained while sailing the ocean or if/when you choose to stay on board instead of exploring a particular destination. You’ll find there are swimming pools, theatre shows, cinemas, work out rooms/gyms, massage and spa parlours, gaming rooms, restaurants, bars, shops, libraries and much more.  

4. Value for Money:

Choosing a pacific cruising trip will also mean you can save substantially on your holiday costs. Your best bet will be to look for a competitive cruise package or deal that ideally includes airfares, accommodation, entertainment and meals. Make sure you’re aware of exclusions, too; shore excursions, tours, drinks and alcohol, laundry and spa services will usually be charged separately. However, you can still save money on these by pre-purchasing packages or tours for the duration of the cruise, so you’ll know exactly how much you’re spending up front. 

5. Keeping the Kids Entertained:

Cruise holidays are also beneficial for those travelling as a family. Most cruise lines will offer exclusive kids’ activities and clubs to keep your children busy so that you can relax. Kids’ clubs often include activities like art and craft, rock climbing, movie watching, educational programs, video gaming and more. For younger children, babysitting and day care services are also usually available.     

6. Socialising:

Socialising is one of the biggest perks of a cruise holiday, whether you are travelling as a group or prefer to meet new people and make friends while on board. For those who prefer a quieter journey, you can also be as solitary or as intimate as you like – how much you socialise is entirely up to you!  

7. Safety: 

Safety is a high priority on many traveller’s lists and pacific cruising is generally very safe, since it takes place in a closed and controlled environment. You will have the ability to lock up your cabin rooms and keep your belongings safe, send your children to supervised activity classes, draw on support and knowledge of staff and even utilise the services of the on board doctor if necessary. On larger lines, CCTV surveillance is also an added safety feature.

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