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How to make airport layovers more comfortable

How to make airport layovers more comfortable

06 Jun 2018 Flights, Travel Tips

No matter which way you look at it, airport layovers aren’t fun. They’re usually long, uncomfortable, boring and can be utterly frustrating. But there are a few little tips and tricks you can do to make them just a little bit better and even constructive. At Travellers Choice we’ve put together a list of our best ways to make an airport layover more comfortable.

Be prepared

You know the layover is coming, so make sure you have everything you could possibly need to keep comfortable and entertained; strive for an A+ in preparation. Make sure you have a few toiletry supplies in your hand luggage and a set of clean underwear to freshen up with while you wait – it’s amazing how a clean pair of undies and freshly brushed teeth can make you feel instantly better! Wear comfortable shoes such as sneakers or trainers too, as this allows you to go walking around the airport comfortably and stretch your legs, keep the blood flowing and break the monotony of sitting in one place for hours. Many worldly travellers suggest finding a secluded spot to do a bit of stretching or yoga to stretch out tired muscles too.

Always pack a set of earphones and an eye mask as well for those times when you want some timeout or rest, as both will help block out the noise and lights of a busy, bright airport terminal.

Technology helps to pass the time

Taking out your laptop or tablet and catching up on work, emails, or finishing off that report you didn’t get around to doing before leaving is a great way to pass the time during a long layover. Make sure you not only pack your device but all the power cables and converters you might need too. Know ahead of time what kind of connectivity the airport you will be sitting in offers. Most international airports offer free Wi-Fi connections throughout, but some smaller airports do not, so make sure you are prepared for Wi-Fi and no-Wi-Fi zones.

Look after yourself

Eat healthy food and snacks during your long stopover; try to avoid heavy, high-fat foods and alcohol as both can make you sluggish, tired and dehydrate you. Importantly, drink lots of water while waiting - it may mean a few extra trips to the bathroom, but it will ensure you are hydrated and the extra walking will keep your blood flowing too.

Stay positive

Keep a positive, sunny outlook. Long layovers suck and there’s no two ways about it, but if you can see them as part of the adventure and part of the whole travel experience, they don’t have to be that bad.



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