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Travellers Choice Blog - Cruise

Antarctica is home to so much beauty. What sights should you prioritise on you trip? Here are some of our must-see stops on this beautiful continent.
Cruise holidays
Why you should book your cruise holiday with a travel agent... 
13 Aug 2018
Discover New Zealand’s North Island
New Zealand’s North Island is steeped in Maori culture, packed with beautiful beaches and forests, and powered by fun-loving, bustling city centres. What more could a traveller want?
Onboard Majestic Princess
What is it like onboard the newest Princess Cruises ship? Carry on reading to find out...  
20 Dec 2017
Greece is calling...
There's nothing quite like a Greek holiday, and with so much to see and do, a holiday here will be one you won't forget...  
Can I cruise Africa?
Is the continent of Africa on your travel list? Do you love ocean cruising? Read on to learn how you can combine the two on your next holiday!
22 Aug 2017
Caribbean cruising: a guide
Blue sky, blue ocean, white sand... is it time you tried a Caribbean cruise?  
21 Aug 2017