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Ten Things We’ve Missed About Thailand

Ten Things We’ve Missed About Thailand

04 Feb 2022 Travel Stories, Travel Tips
Thailand is now open to more than 60 countries including Australia and we can’t help but get excited to see and do everything we love about Thailand - one of the most popular destinations for Australians. And why not? Beautiful beaches, fabulous food, exciting nightlife and rich culture make it a perfect holiday destination for every type of traveller. Relive your travel memories and get inspired for your next trip with this list of the things we've missed about Thailand.


From the palm-fringed stretches in lush and exotic Koh Phi Phi to the popular shores of Phuket, Thailand is lined with some of the world’s most gorgeous beaches.


Whether you’re looking to keep busy kayaking, swimming and snorkelling, or simply want to relax with a cocktail in hand – you’ll find a Thai island to suit you.

National Parks

Thailand’s parks give you a chance to see some of the country’s unspoiled wilderness and wildlife.


Thai markets are a bustling cultural experience and thrive on local art, craft and produce. They're also home to some of the most entertaining haggling you will ever experience.

Temples & Palaces

Thai palaces are stunning with their intricate detail and lavish structures. The temples are just as magnificent with some dating back centuries while others are much, much younger.


Thailand’s heritage is filled with historical landmarks. Each place has a unique history and plenty will transport you back to olden times.


The most magical of Thailand’s festivities include Thai New Year and the water-throwing celebrations of Songkran, the fairy tale floating offerings of Loy Krathong and the unexplained phenomenon of Naga Fireballs.


The Thai nightlife scene is filled with sophisticated small bars, rooftop bars, craft beer havens and trendy beachside hangouts.


Thanks to its exotic flavours and fragrances, Thai cuisine is popular worldwide. A walk through city alleyways often results in a food stall stop where you can enjoy great food at very affordable prices.

Tuk Tuk

Chances are when you think of Thailand you’re probably conjuring up images of these iconic little motorbike-rickshaw hybrids zipping between cars at the speed of light. Colourful, fast and full of adventure – which we love!

With great airfares, hotels and activities at their fingertips, get in touch with your local Travellers Choice agent to book your trip to Thailand.

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