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Travellers Choice top five travel apps

Travellers Choice top five travel apps

06 Apr 2017 Angela Matthews Travel Tips

A mobile phone, or tablet, are probably the most important items in daily life, so why should it be any different when we travel? Wi-fi is readily available in even the most surprising of destinations, which means that your device can be a valuable travel companion.

There are many different travel-related apps on the market, but in this blog we’ll tell you about the five that we are currently using the most.


First up is Packpoint, which we use before we even leave home. This easy to use, free app, ensures that no travel necessities are left behind. 

Enter your destination, the date of travel, length of stay and whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, and then select the activities you will be taking part in whilst away. The app will then check the weather forecast for your specific destination and provide you with a list of items that should be included in your luggage which are destination specific, as well as a list of ‘trip essentials’ so you don’t leave your charger or medication at home.

We love the fact that a widget can be added to your device home-screen, for easy checking of the packing list. 


Next up is a handy languages app, Memrise. Learn some basics before heading off on your trip so that you can communicate with the locals whilst away from home.

The app features thousands of videos of native speakers to ensure that your pronunciation is bang on. To make learning fun, the developers of the app have designed a game within the app, which sends the user on a mission as an undercover spy, learning your chosen language as you go.

Set your knowledge level and off you go, you’ll learn useful beginner phrases, or expand your existing vocabulary.


Circa World Time for Travellers is a great app, especially for business travellers. Set up your time zone, the time zone you’ll be visiting, and any other zones you need to be aware of. The app then displays these in an easy-to-read circle, enabling quick reading.

Within the app, it is easy to find out the best time of day to connect with colleagues, or loved-ones, and the app even sends notifications when different time-zones wake up. The part we like best? The meeting scheduling and invitation function, and the fact it is Apple Watch compatible. 


The Sidekix app is still in development, but we already think it is great. The concept? Interest based routing.

Enter what you are in to, and the app will show you interesting places and events that are within walking distance of your location. Use it to experience a new city like a local, or use it to enhance your journey from your hotel to your chosen tourist attraction. You can even use it to meet-up with people you may know in the same city.

We like the vibration functionality which means you can keep your phone safe in your pocket but still receive directions. Sidekix is also Apple Watch compatible. 

Google Keep

We love keeping a journal whilst travelling, but a bulky notebook can take up valuable space. This is where Google Keep comes in.

Simply, Google Keep is a note-taking app. Add photographs, link websites and notes easily, and enjoy peace-of-mind that everything will be backed-up as the app links to your Google Account. 

It’s the perfect app for keeping track of your daily adventures on the go, which means that racking your brains at bedtime, to write your daily journal entry, is a thing of the past. 


Which travel app do you use the most?


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