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Travellers Choice top travel experiences

Travellers Choice top travel experiences

20 Apr 2017 Angela Matthews Experiences, Travel Tips

There are so many unmissable experiences around the world that shouldn’t be missed, that it can be difficult to decide which to do first. Hopefully our top five travel experiences, will point you in the right direction.

Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

Starting close to home for the first experience, the bridge climb in Sydney is something all Australians should experience. If royalty can do it, so can you!

The ‘Bridge Climb Sampler’ is designed for those who don’t like heights. You’ll climb the inner arch to the half way point, so you’re closer to the ground, but still able to experience a great view.

If heights don’t phase you, then you just need to choose what time of day to do your climb. Choose a dawn climb to witness sunrise over Sydney, a day climb offers you the best views across the city, whilst a twilight climb allows you to see the sunset from the best possible vantage point. Our favourite is the night climb. On this climb, you’ll get to see the bright lights of the big city laid out beneath you, under the twinkling stars.


Canyon swing or bungee jump, New Zealand

Moving a little further away from home, and probably further out of many comfort zones, the next experience is bungee jumping in New Zealand. It may not be for everyone, but once you’ve tried it, you’ll be pleased you braved it!

New Zealand is the home of modern-bungee jumping as we know it, and 45 minutes from Queenstown in the South Island you’ll find New Zealand’s highest bungee (or bungy) jump and also the world’s biggest swing. Choose one, or experience both, the choice is yours, just make sure that you have someone with you who can video it – you’ll want to show all your friends.


Hot air balloon ride over the Masai Mara

The Masai Mara National Reserve is located in Kenya and is home to zebras, lions, elephants, wildebeest and many more species. Getting up close to these animals can be tricky, but once you have seen these incredible animals on the ground, we recommend then viewing them from the sky.

Take off in darkness, and silently drift over the plains watching the sun rise and the animals begin a new day. From the air, even the largest animals look small, and there is the opportunity to spot animals, that may have been elusive when driving around.


Camping under the stars in the Sahara Desert

We’re staying in the African continent for this next experience; camping in the Sahara. Visit Morocco and ensure that this experience is part of your itinerary.

Go off-road into the wilderness and spend time with the berber people who call the desert home. You’ll get to sample the traditional food, see how people have been living for hundreds of years and sleep under canvas. The best bit? The bright lights of towns and cities are so far away, you have an un-obstructed view of the stars. The view of the night sky is something you will never forget!


Helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon

The final experience that shouldn’t be missed, involves heights again. Why view the Grand Canyon on foot, when you can see it from above?

With a helicopter tour of this incredible natural wonder, you’ll be able to see all the highlights. Fly over the Colorado River, through the Dragon Corridor and pass over the many valleys, waterways, and precipices. Don’t forget your camera, you’ll want to share your experience with everyone at home!


If you are interested in experiencing one of these unforgettable experiences, speak to your nearest Travellers Choice agent – they can help you get there.


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