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Yoga at the lake

Wellness Travel

05 Jan 2024 Travel Tips
As we step into a new year, many of us have resolutions and fresh goals, often centred around health and wellness. However, maintaining a balanced lifestyle while travelling is a common concern for those who are frequently on the move. The truth is, with a little planning and mindfulness, you can seamlessly integrate wellness activities into your travel itinerary. Here are our recommendations for how to prioritise your health and wellbeing while exploring new destinations.

Mindful Eating

One of the joys of travel is experiencing new cuisines, but that doesn't mean abandoning your commitment to healthy eating. Research local markets for fresh produce, opt for balanced meals and savour each bite mindfully. Consider trying traditional dishes that align with your dietary preferences and restrictions. You could also join a cooking class to create meals from locally grown produce and learn to prepare healthy dishes from scratch. Not only will it help keep holiday kilos at bay, you'll acquire new skills to apply to future meals and be supporting the communities you visit.

Moroccan cooking class

Embrace Outdoor Activities

Turn your workout into an adventure by blending fitness with sightseeing through exciting outdoor activities. From hiking and cycling, to kayaking and SUPing, or skiing and snowshoeing – there’s a huge variety of ways to keep active while soaking up the environment. Pick activities that align with your fitness level and interests and you’ll be so distracted by your surroundings that you won’t even notice that you’re being active!

SUP on a lake

Plan Indulgences

While enjoying local delights is an integral part of the travel experience, maintaining balance is crucial. Sip an exotic cocktail while watching the sunset or tuck into that tempting chocolate lava cake for dessert, but embrace moderation and offset indulgences with other healthy choices. Opt for a refreshing fruit smoothie as an alternative to sugary snacks, avoid the temptation for second or third helpings from shared plates or buffet-style meals and savour local dishes – you’re bound to discover nutritious alternatives that will satisfy your taste buds and contribute to your overall wellbeing.

Sunset with a cocktail

Hydration and Self-Care

Staying hydrated is key to wellness, especially while travelling. Carry a reusable water bottle and focus on drinking enough water throughout the day. Additionally, incorporate self-care practices such as meditation and deep breathing exercises into your routine, because - let’s face it - travel days can feel like a marathon. Adopt the bathing traditions of your destination to relax after a day of exploring: hit a hammam in Turkey, sweat it out in a sauna in Scandinavia, find your zen in a Japanese onsen or soak away the day in a steaming mineral pool in New Zealand.

Turkish hammam

Local Classes

Dive into local classes and soak up the vibes of tradition while picking up some new skills! Join a yoga class and spice things up with a style you haven’t tried before - whether it's Bikram, vinyasa, ashtanga or the legendary goat yoga. Learn the moves for the Cook Islands’ ura pa-u (drum dance) or Irish céilí dances and let the experiences stretch not just your muscles but your idea of fun too!

Yoga on the beach

Cultural Immersion

This is your golden opportunity to let local cultural practices or ancient traditions enhance your wellbeing. Join a traditional tea ceremony in Japan, unravelling the herbal benefits behind each type of tea. Head into South Africa’s Fynbos with a guide and learn about the medicinal uses and moisturising properties of these plants. You’ll enrich the connection to your destination and your own sense of self.

team ceremony, Japan

Wellness travel is not only possible but can enhance your overall travel experience. By incorporating these tips, you can continue to pursue your health and wellness goals while savouring the joys of exploring new destinations. Reach out to your local Travellers Choice agent to book your next trip, ensuring a seamless coexistence with wellness.

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