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Discover the Hidden World

Discover the Hidden World

29 Sep 2020 Travel Stories
We live in an amazing world full of undiscovered wonders. Come along for the ride as we take you through a specially curated list of our best kept travel secrets.

Seljavallalaug Pool, Iceland

The south coast of Iceland is popular among tourists and you’ll have to walk off the beaten track to get to this historic pool between glacier, volcano and mountains. Built in 1923, Seljavallalaug Pool is one of the oldest in Iceland and was originally built to host swimming lessons for children. Free of charge, all you’ll need is your bathers to slip into the tranquil pool and soak up the quiet, natural surroundings.

Kaindy Lake, Kazakhstan

Visit this idyllic mountain lake in the Tian Shan Mountains, close to Kazakhstan’s largest city, Almaty. This lake is famed for the dead, bleached trees that stick out of the water, remnants of flooded forests when the lake was formed. Combined with the turquoise blue of the water, the sight is beautiful. Take a plunge in the lake to see this surreal underwater forest from beneath the surface. Getting to Kaindy Lake requires a vehicle designed for rough terrain as you drive through a track through the forests.

Hells Gate National Park, Kenya

It’s hard to hide a gem as huge as Hell’s Gate National Park. Not far from Nairobi, this 68 square kilometre park is the ideal location to discover diverse Kenyan landscapes and scenery, without the threat of wild cats. This is one of the only safari experiences in the world where tourists can bike alongside zebras, buffalo and gazelles.

Selenge River, Mongolia

Flowing across the north of Mongolia, this river covers 600 kilometres along vast plains and wooded areas before reaching the Russian border. Ideally visited from April to November, plan your trip to the Selenge River while experiencing traditional nomadic life. You’ll be immersed in Mongolian culture with traditional foods, staying in a ger (tent) and of course welcoming hospitality from the locals.

Ongeim’l Tketau, Eil Malk Island, Palau

Visit these isolated islands surrounded by reefs before the news gets out. Specifically, make the trip for the incredible Ongeim’l Tketau (Jellyfish Lake), another stunning UNESCO World Heritage Site. The lake is around 12,000 years old, formed in the last ice age when the glaciers melted. Complete isolation has allowed evolution to run its course - the jellyfish are completely unique with no stingers, making swimming with them safe.

Wharariki Beach, New Zealand

Even in peak tourist season this wild west coast beach is a relatively well-kept secret. Located on the northern tip of New Zealand's South Island, these rolling sand dunes and wild waves are a sight to behold. You’ll need to walk for approximately 30 minutes over green hills dotted with sheep, windswept bush and large sand hills before reaching the beach. Seal pups play in the shallows and amazing caves and rock formations line the beach - but hold onto your hat! Be warned though, the wild wind can be persistent so you'll need to hold onto your hat!

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Madidi National Park, Bolivia

Want a unique Amazon experience? Although not the first country that comes to mind, North Eastern Bolivia is home to part of the Amazon Basin. This authentic experience is off-the-beaten-track. You'll land at a tiny airport (that is a small mosquito net lined hut), drive along palm-tree lined tracks and spot caiman (small crocs) and capybaras (giant rodents) on your way to the town. Best of all, you’ll come across far fewer people than other more famous Amazonian spots. 

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