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Mountain Gorilla in Rwanda Junge

Unique Wildlife Spotting Trips

27 Aug 2021 Travel Tips

After almost two years of intermittent lockdowns, most of us could benefit from spending some time in the great outdoors, and one of the very best things about that is the chance to spot wildlife in their natural habitat.

Although it’s still too soon to go jet setting around the globe, it’s a great time to start planning your next adventure and we’ve got some major inspiration for you. Take a look at these unique wildlife adventures and keep them in mind for your next nature-filled trip:

See the Great Apes in Rwanda’s Virunga Mountains

Deep in Rwanda’s Virunga Mountains is one of the most pristine mountain gorilla habitats on Earth. With World Gorilla Day coming up on 24 September, planning your post-COVID trip to Rwanda is an excellent way to show your support for this critically endangered species. Even in the Virunga Mountains, there are only 880 mountain gorillas left. They’re spread across ten gorilla families in the habitat, each led by a silverback. The best part is you can trek through the Virunga Mountains with an experienced guide to observe them, and in doing so, fund the conservation effort too.

Crocodile Tours in the Northern Territory

If you’ve always wanted to see a crocodile up close, you’ll get your chance in the Northern Territory. There are several Aboriginal-owned and run tour operators offering the chance to spot crocodiles along the banks of the Adelaide River, and even see them jump out of the water to feed from your boat! While you’re touring in the NT, you’re also likely to see camels, wallabies, echidnas, emus and plenty of reptiles…

Spot Grizzly Bears in Katmai, Alaska

If you’re more interested in the grizzly kind of predator then North America is the continent for you. Alaska’s Katmai is one of the top-rated places to see the largest coastal grizzly bears in the world – often to be spotted gorging on the local salmon. Whether you go by aircraft, seaplane or boat, you’ll be led by a professional bear naturalist up the shoreline to get up close and personal in their natural habitat. From the Books Falls viewing platform, you’ll be able to spot the famous grizzlies catching salmon from the rapids.

Float by Humpback Whales off the Icelandic Coast

Catch a boat tour from the whale capital of Iceland, Husavik for the best vantage point to see majestic humpback whales. From your boat, you might also see dolphins, porpoises and other sea life. After the thrill of an up-close encounter, you can enjoy some warmer Icelandic activities by exploring the whale museums, soaking in the saltwater borehole spas and even horse riding across pristine volcanic plains. Yes please!

Track a Puma Across Patagonia

If you’re up for a real challenge, join a puma tracking tour across Patagonia in Chile’s Torres del Paine National Park. This elegant, elusive wildcat can be followed with an experienced guide across a multi-day hike around the Patagonian steppe, but each night will be spent comfortably (and safe from apex predators) indoors. This incredible opportunity is brilliant for budding nature photographers and amateur naturalists alike, with jaw-dropping Andean sunrises, unique flora and stunning mountain views abounding.

Feeling inspired for your next outdoor odyssey? Travellers Choice travel agents have a world of experience to advise on wildlife spotting travel opportunities, whether here in Australia or to farther shores. Get in touch to start planning your next trip today.


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