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3 great cities to visit in the USA

3 great cities to visit in the USA

06 Sep 2018 Self Drive, Tours, Travel Tips, Couples, Family

With so much ground to cover, it can be hard to narrow down just what US cities to visit on your holiday. We could write a whole book on the stellar cities scattered across America but we've managed to narrow our favourites down to three. Here are just a few of the exciting metropolises the USA has to offer.

New York City, New York

The city that never sleeps. It's an obvious choice but for good reason - New York City is one of the absolute must-sees in America. It's beautiful in a different way than your typical holiday hot spots.

The streets buzz with movement, skyscrapers soar to unimaginable heights and there are millions of things going on at any given moment. With so much to take in where should you start? We have a few highlights.

Enjoy the tourist traps

You can't go to New York without seeing all the things that epitomise NYC. This means visiting the Statue of Liberty, ogling the Empire State building, strolling through Central Park and marvelling at the hustle and bustle of Times Square. Seriously, you'll regret giving these things a miss, so set aside a day or two of your stay to see these world-famous landmarks.

Pro-tip: Visit these areas at odd times to avoid the crowds - the lowest levels of activity are usually in the early morning.

Revel in the real New York (Brooklyn)

Okay, so you've crossed the tourist traps off your list, now it's time to soak in what we call the 'real' New York. Brooklyn is often a synonym for 'artsy' - home to the original hipsters and everything that comes with them, this borough lays claim to some of the most historic culturally diverse neighbourhoods in the city.

Embedded into the very fabric of the area are singularly fantastic dining, drinking, shopping and entertainment options as well as some of the most spectacular waterside views in the boroughs. Whether you want to enjoy some of the best art galleries on the east coast, or revel in some fine dining with a side of live music - Brooklyn's the place for you.

Get your fill of entertainment

New York City is the ultimate stage. Stars of all levels of fame relish the chance to grace one of the city's many stages. You might stumble upon a world-famous actor starring in a Broadway play the same night you catch an impersonator dazzling crowds on your way to dinner. From the highest class of performances to the most in-your-face shows you'll ever encounter, you'll find what you're looking for on the busy streets of New York.

San Francisco, California

A shorter trip than most US destinations for Aussie visitors, San Francisco has loads to offer overseas travellers. It is a city rooted in the fantastical - from social revolutions to poetic renaissances, if you're looking for a destination filled with nerve and creativity then you've found your match. We have some top stops but when in San Francisco it's advisable to go wherever the wind takes you - trust us, there's something quirky to greet you at every corner.

Enjoy the signature Golden Gate Bridge

There are so many different ways to view the famous Golden Gate Bridge. Whether you go the cinema-buff route and opt to observe from below at Fort Point or you're looking for a birds-eye view from the north-end lookout at Marin's Vista Point - one thing's for sure, you can't miss out on seeing this landmark.

If you want a bit of both and some exercise to boot, take on the 1.7mile trail either by bus or by foot. Just don't forget to pack your camera.

Work up a fright at Alcatraz

There's no doubt you've heard at least one horror story involving Alcatraz. This island located in San Francisco Bay lays claim to the most infamous prison in the country. Though Alcatraz was closed in 1963 due to obscenely high security and upkeep costs, the infrastructure still stands today.

Visitors can take an audio tour through the grounds and hear first-person accounts of daily life in lock-up. Remember to take your headphones off at least once to listen to the noise of care-free city life from across the water - these sounds haunted inmates every day.

New Orleans, Louisiana

If you enjoy good food, well-made cocktails and smiling so much it makes your face hurt then New Orleans is the destination for you. The sounds of sweet Jazz music follow you as you meander down the busy streets, lined with exciting bars, mouth-watering restaurants and shops galore.

Anyone who's visited New Orleans knows that the city gives off a relaxed vibe - even the locals seem to be in a holiday state-of-mind. There is lots to see and do in this vibrant city but keep these must-dos in mind.

Pinpoint your celebration season

When it comes to New Orleans you definitely don't have to plan your whole trip around a single celebration. That's because there is either a festival or a parade happening literally every week of the year in New Orleans!

Whether it's the notorious Mardi Gras or the coveted Jazz Fest - check out which celebrations are taking place during your visit. If there's one thing New Orleans knows how to do it is party, don't miss out on the fun.

Take in the rich history of the south

Food and drinks aren't the only things New Orleans has to offer. The city is crawling with a history so visceral, you can see it on every corner of every street. The architecture alone is something to marvel at.

Make sure you visit Preservation Hall to learn more about the history of traditional, New Orleans style jazz or take a street car to the Garden District and enjoy the lush antebellum homes lining the streets.

Finish off your trip with a renowned sweet treat

No trip to New Orleans would be complete without enjoying some toasty beignets. A tradition dating back to 1862, these French-style square donuts come smothered in icing sugar and will leave you wanting more. The most famous place to get your fixing is at Café du Monde on Decatur Street. Beware, queues can be very long but this 24-hour hot spot is well worth the wait.

Want to book in your trip? If you're ready to start exploring these cities, we can help you get there. To begin planning your next USA holiday, reach out to your local Travellers Choice agent today!


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