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Travel checklist

Travel checklist

26 Apr 2016 Angela Matthews Travel Tips

Oh what a horrid feeling when you’re in the cab on the way to the airport or, worse still, on a plane and you realise you’ve forgotten to pack something. Here's four things to organise before heading to the airport.

Travel insurance

Rather than convincing you that travel insurance is importance – because that is a no-brainer – this is more a reminder to actually do it. Be clever about it and buy travel insurance before you purchase your flights so you’re covered in that regard. 

Organise travel money

Research the range of travel money options available and pick one, or a combination, that is most suitable to your itinerary and preferences. Call up your bank and tell them when and where you’re going so they don’t shut off your credit card when they see it’s being used in a strange location! 


Check government websites for any vaccination requirements for the countries you are travelling to. If you need malaria medication, make sure you take it for the prescribed duration. 

Copy, save, print and send important documents

Scan important documents and cards - passport, travel insurance policy, visas, credit cards, tickets, etc. - and print some copies of each to take with you. It’s better to walk around with a copy of your passport on your person and leave the real thing in a safe or locker at your accommodation. 

Send copies of the documents to your emergency contacts back home so, should anything go wrong, they have all the important information on them and can supply it to the relevant authorities. 


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