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Top Ski Destinations in the Southern Hemisphere

Top Ski Destinations in the Southern Hemisphere

23 Feb 2022 Travel Tips

Perisher, Australia

Nestled within the Australian Snowy Mountains in New South Wales, the Perisher slopes are of the most expansive and spectacular ski terrain to experience down under. This bucket-list destination stretches across a colossal 3,076 acres and is the largest resort in the Southern Hemisphere, with plenty of snow to carve and activities to enjoy. 

Conveniently sectioned into four skiable areas, Perisher Valley, Blue Cow, Smiggins and Guthega, these award-winning slopes are ready for you and your friends or family to carve all at once or one day at a time—it’s up to you! Although the name sounds misleading, Perisher provides plenty of varied terrains for you to tackle on your Aussie alpine adventures ranging from beginner to advanced. Plus, it wouldn’t be a proper holiday destination if you couldn’t kick your feet up and take a break from the action. Conveniently, Perisher offers over 30 restaurants, cafes, bars and shops. 

Las Lenãs, Argentina 

The Las Lenãs ski resort is one of the best ski destinations in Latin America, with incredible mountain views and ski runs that will have you extending your trip to the end of the snow season. This vibrant destination is renowned for its high peaks and steep slopes and has become a serious attraction for pro-skiers from all around the globe to tackle and tear through some of the more gnarly terrains. But have no fear, Las Lenãs caters to all adventure levels with powdery white terrain perfect for kids, beginners and even snow-angel enthusiasts.
Located in the southern part of the Mendoza province in Argentina, Lenãs is nestled on the eastern side of the Andes Mountains and can be quite a tricky destination to get to. However, with the help of a Travellers Choice agent you and your family will be sliding down the slippery slopes of one of Argentina’s hidden gems in no time. When it comes to planning your trip, the best time to visit La Lenas is in their peak season from June through to September, offering an incredible skiing experience that will chair-lift you to the top of the world—literally! Whether you’re a novice beginner or a certified shredder on the slopes, La Lenãs is undoubtedly worth the journey for an unforgettable snowy experience.

Whether it be beneath falling snowflakes or wiggling your toes in the warm sands of a tropical beach, discover your next getaway and contact the travel experts at Travellers Choice today!

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