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The Travel Items You Don't Need to Pack

The Travel Items You Don't Need to Pack

19 May 2020 Travel Tips

Ever find when you come home from a holiday that there are items untouched at the back of your suitcase? Welcome to the club! Almost all travel packing tips or travel checklists will tell you the best way to pack a suitcase is to pack light. But we all know this is much harder than it seems…

So before you start packing, here’s a list of five travel items you should consider leaving behind.

Extra toiletries and towels

Packing a bulky towel and multiple toiletry products will take up unnecessary space. If you are staying in hotels, there is a 99% chance they will provide towels, shampoo, soap etc. Even if you are travelling on a budget, most hostels and camping grounds rent them for a small fee.  It’s recommended to use sample sizes or ‘travel packs’ - just enough to get you through. And if you ever do run out of something, don’t forget there will be stores around you can buy from.  

Valuables and jewellery

If you can’t afford to lose it, don’t bring it. This will save you a lot of money, stress and - in some cases - heartache. Every moment of your holiday is precious. Don’t waste time thinking of a billion excuses to tell your sibling why you lost their favourite bracelet. Save your valuable time and leave the valuables behind. Only packing the travel essentials will help you fit in with the locals, play the part and embrace the culture you have been so excited to experience. 

Your entire wardrobe

Most of us are guilty of using the phrase ‘just in case’ when packing a suitcase. We know we have enough outfits to last the trip but still create absurd scenarios in which we might need a particular item. Trust that if you are travelling to Europe in peak summer you can leave that rain jacket behind! If you’re doubting whether or not you will need something, you probably won’t. Only packing what you need will also leave room for new items you may find along the way. It’s okay to outfit repeat! You can be sure you won’t see the same people twice. 

Extra gadgets

Essential gadgets will vary from traveller to traveller, so ask yourself what you normally use on a day-to-day basis and go from there. Keep in mind there are some things you use every day that you won’t use while travelling. That includes nightlights, portable DVD players, Bluetooth speakers and laptops. Only bring what you can’t live without. Thanks to iPhones and smartphones, almost everything you need is on one small device. This also leaves space that would otherwise have been taken up by chargers and adapters. 


Food is such an important part of the travel experience - yet it’s common for travellers to pack a lot of their own food! Yes, it is smart to bring a small tube of Vegemite to places like Turkey if you actually do get sick of eating cheese and pastirma for breakfast every day. But make sure you don’t waste the opportunity to shop at local markets and indulge in what the locals have to offer.


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