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Mexico: What to Know Before You Go

Mexico: What to Know Before You Go

04 Jan 2023 Travel Tips
White sand beaches, crystal clear water, abundant sunshine, great food and amazing historical ruins await in the tropical destination of Mexico - but prepping for a trip to this incredible destination is more than just packing some sunscreen! Having a grasp on local customs, cultural etiquette, overall practical information and off-the-beaten-path spots will help in making your Mexican holiday one of your best trips yet - so take note of our top tips for travelling Mexico!

Pick the Right Season

Overall, the most coveted time of year for traveling to Mexico is the dry season, which stretches from December to April. During these months there is little to no rain, maximising your sunny beach days in a tropical haven. Another idea is to time your trip with Mexico’s whale watching seasons if you fancy getting up close and personal with these gentle giants. From August to November near Ensenada off the coast of Baja California, it’s possible to spot whale sharks as well as swim with them, while further south, Puerto Vallarta is the place to see migrating humpback whales - sometimes with calves - between December and March.

Learn Some Spanish

It’s helpful to know a few basics of the Spanish language before a trip to Mexico. Even if you know Spanish, it’s important to note that Mexican Spanish, though similar, differs a little. For example, the word for 'car' in Spanish is 'coche' whereas in Mexican Spanish it’s 'carro' or 'auto'. Another instance is the word 'potato' which is 'patata' in Spanish and 'papa' in Mexican Spanish. While you may not be able to understand or speak every word in the language, if you try with a few phrases when interacting with local people, it will be greatly appreciated!

Appreciate Events & Festivals

Travelling to Mexico when a festival is taking place is one of the best ways to immerse yourself in its rich culture. Perhaps the most famous festival is the Day of the Dead or 'Día de los Muertos' at the start of November. The Day of the Dead pays homage to ancestors who have passed on with parades, decorative altars, costumes, face paint, flowers and more. Although the largest festivities take place in the bigger cities, this sacred holiday is celebrated all throughout the country, so planning your visit around the festival is an exciting way to experience Mexico through all five of the senses!

Know Your Mexican Beer

From classics like Corona with a slice of lime to Estrella Jalisco and the growing craft beer scene, Mexico has a lot to offer on the brew front. Lager lovers will enjoy a crisp Dos Equis and poolside pairs well with Sol Cerveza. Taste the oldest beer brand in Mexico when you order a cold Victoria, go the craft beer route and sip a Tempus Dorada or try a refreshing Tecate after spending a few hours in the sun at Palancar Beach, one of the best beaches in Cozumel. 

Prepare to Indulge in Chocolate

Chocolate production in Mexico goes back thousands of years to when indigenous tribes were among some of the first to cultivate cacao beans, transforming them into culinary delights. The best way to experience the sweet treat is on a factory tour or chocolate-making class, where sampling the different varieties is highly encouraged!

Learn the Basics of Drinking Tequila

It would be a 'pour' decision not to experience one of Mexico’s most authentic and beloved drinks! High-quality tequila is made from 100% agave and is typically aged before being served in a small glass with lime and salt on the side. Drinking tequila like a local means savouring and sipping slowly not downing it in one shot, but if drinking it straight is too much for you, opt for a delicious margarita or the popular Paloma, made with tequila, grapefruit soda and lime.

Travel Beyond the Beach

With beautiful stretches of coast on both the east and west shores of Mexico, it’s no surprise that the stunning beaches and days spent on the sand are a key part of any Mexican holiday. But venturing beyond the beach to discover other fascinating treasures is a must. Step back in time with a trip to ancient Mayan ruins where history, culture and architecture come together, lace up your hiking shoes to explore El Salto Canyon or bask in the buzz of Mexico City, the country's ever-enticing capital.

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