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Australia is the absolute behemoth. When travellers think of Australia, they envision a sprawling, sunburned country with flat desert plains populated sparsely by stranger-than-fiction wildlife. That part of Australia does exist but that’s not all there is!
Top 10 Reasons to Visit Byron Bay
In Australia, Byron Bay is synonymous with alternative living. Think artisanal coffee, farm-to-table cuisine, wellness, sustainability and creativity all packaged up and sprawled out along a never-ending sapphire coastline. There are probably 10,000 reasons to visit - but you don’t have time to read them all! You’ve got to get out and experience those 10, 000 reasons for yourself. What we can do is inspire you to get out there with a top 10.  
16 Jun 2020
Food Holidays at Home: The Taste of Malaysia
First up on Food Holidays at Home, we’ll be looking at Malaysia. As a prominent Southeast Asian country, Malaysian cuisine has a little dash off all your other favourites - including Indian, Indonesian, Thai and Chinese!  Incredibly rich, salty, sweet and versatile, steeped in a multi-ethnic tradition, you’re sure to find a recipe (or 27) that you adore. 
02 Jun 2020
Rolling Home
Campervanning in Aotearoa, New Zealand, means slowing down and exploring – island style.
The Easiest Language to Learn by Yourself
If you’ve thought about crafting a vigorous self-improvement regime during isolation, you’re definitely not alone. There has never been a better time to learn a language than in a global lockdown, when free language-learning technology is readily available to anybody with a smartphone. 
01 May 2020
The Future of Travel
It seems counter-intuitive to pen an ode to the future of travel at a time when international travel is illegal in most parts of the world. But maybe it’s not counter-intuitive, maybe it can be a humble reminder of all we took for granted, and a reminder of all we can look forward to in the future.   
20 Apr 2020
Poles Apart
David Smyth and Rose Toohey of Forward Travel give us the goods on the Polar regions.

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