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A guide to travelling in Norway

A guide to travelling in Norway

25 Oct 2018 Tours, Travel Tips, Couples, Family, Self Drive, Solo Traveller

One cannot be unhappy in Norway. At least that’s what its residents say, as it was voted the 2nd Happiest Country in the World in the World Happiness Report in 2018. Norway is a country of immense natural beauty and bustling, vibrant cities and is an absolute must-see destination on your travelling bucket list.
At Travellers Choice, we've put together a short guide to travelling in Norway with everything from the best times of year to visit, to the top five things to do and see when visiting the country.

When to visit Norway

With a more temperate climate than other countries of the same latitude, Norway has a variable climate range with temperatures varying from region to region. Coastal areas in Norway are great to visit in the summer and spring for their beauty and outdoor living but are equally as good in the winter thanks to their mild temperatures which make skiing great. Inland areas experience cold winters with plenty of snow for skiing. The fjords of Norway in the South are of course magnificent to visit in Summer and also in the blossoming spring.

Choosing the best time of year to travel to Norway is very dependent on the type of holiday you are planning to have.

Top five things to do in Norway

Five city hikes

As mentioned, Norway is a country of juxtapositions; eclectic cities based in the foothills of some of the most exquisite natural scenery in Europe. One thing to tick off your bucket list is the 5 City Hikes – Norway’s largest cities are never a far distance away from steep mountain hills that offer amazing viewpoints of the city and beyond. Make sure you take on the 5 City Hike challenge which includes:

  • Oslo – Vettakollen
  • Bergen – Mount Floyen
  • Tromsø – Mount Floya
  • The Stavanger Region – Dalsnuten
  • Trondheim – Storheia

The hikes range from easy to medium and are never much longer than 5kms. Go up in the late afternoon and watch the sunset over the city or climb up at dawn for some breath-taking sunrise views.


Like any good Scandinavian country, Norway is home to some of the most beautiful fjords and waterways in Europe. Be sure not to miss a trip to see this famous UNESCO World Heritage Site which is simply one of the most awe-inspiring displays of natural beauty thanks to its turquoise water, waterfalls, and huge majestic cliffs.


Bergen offers a bustling art scene and is full of museums and galleries, for the culture-seeking traveller. When visiting Bergen, we challenge you not to feel like you're walking through streets that are straight out of a fairy-tale. With its beautiful wooden houses, and backdrop of seven incredible mountains, Bergen is home to close to 60 historical buildings, including the medieval Hanseatic wharf of Bryggen, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list and has several foundations that date back to the 12th century.


Going further north to the city of Tromsø is a must. This vibrant city is nicknamed the ‘capital of the Artics’ and has created a host of exciting tourist attractions focussed on its polar-roots. Visit the Polar Museum and the Mack Brewery and be sure not to miss the unbelievable sights of the northern lights if you visit between November and March.

Jotunheimen National Park

In the west of Norway, you’ll find its most beautiful wilderness reserve, the Jotunheimen National Park. Well-marked hiking trails will lead you up along glaciers and mountains that offer some of the highest views in the country as well as pristine forest valleys and exquisite natural lakes and pools. 

Check out Visit Norway’s Top 10 Places in Norway for a detailed look at places to visit when stopping in the country.

Facts about Norway.

Did you know:

  • Norway shares the same latitude as Alaska, Greenland, and Siberia.
  • The cheese slicer was invented in Norway.
  • Norway has over 20 000km of coastline.
  • Norway has the world’s longest road tunnel of 24.5kms long

Norway, as a destination, is guaranteed to fill the heart of any discerning traveller. From immense beauty to bustling cities and some of the happiest people on earth is a must-see in 2018.


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