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Top class airlines to fly with

Top class airlines to fly with

01 Dec 2017 Experiences, Flights, Travel Tips
Flying has become a mode of transport that many people across the world actually look forward to as part of their travel experience. Gone are the days of cattle-class and unappealing meals, most airlines now offer world-class entertainment and excellent cuisine to make any flying experience (both domestically and internationally) one to remember.

At Travellers Choice we’ve worked with many airlines over the years but only a few have stood out as top of the class when it comes to air travel. Here is our pick of the top airlines that you should fly with, at least once in your lifetime.


Beginning in 1985 with just two planes, Emirates boasts the largest fleet of aircraft in the world today. This airline travels to destinations across the globe and is known for their excellent inflight entertainment systems and strong focus on 21st century comfort for every passenger.

Etihad Airways

A late bloomer in comparison, Etihad Airways only began in 2003 but is now one of the fastest growing airlines in the world. Their ground and flight crew all focus on hospitality and creating a welcoming experience for each traveller.

Qantas Airways

Australia’s oldest and largest domestic and international airline, Qantas is a well-known household name. Many Aussie travellers choose Qantas for all their domestic and international travel needs thanks to the airlines excellent safety record.

Air New Zealand

Making New Zealand accessible to Australians and vice versa, Air New Zealand operates over 200 flights to and from New Zealand weekly, with 60 destinations to choose from. They've got the Tasman covered.

Cathay Pacific

Operating worldwide, Cathay Pacific is a very popular choice for Australian travellers wanting to fly to Hong Kong and other parts of China and Asia. They operate over 70 flights a week from all major cities in Australia.

Malaysia Airlines

For travellers going to any tropical South East Asian destination, many choose Malaysia Airlines as their carrier of choice. They focus on customer service inspired by the warm Malaysian heritage of their country.

Qatar Airways

Another international operator highly recommended by Travellers Choice is Qatar Airways. They offer flights to over 150 destinations worldwide and are known for their state-of-the-art air fleet and excellent customer service.

Singapore Airlines

Starting from humble beginnings, Singapore Airlines has become a globally recognised brand focused on quality. Thanks to their young fleet of planes and strong attention to comfort, many Australian’s choose this airline when travelling to Asia and destinations in Europe.



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