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Best International Beers

Best International Beers

27 Aug 2019 Experiences, Couples, Self Drive, Short Breaks, Solo Traveller, Travel Stories, Travel Tips

Words by Keith Austin


Ghost Ship pale ale, UK

This Adnams pale ale is a good example of the pints that generations of Brits have thrown down their necks in their local boozer. Can’t find it? Try Spitfire or London Pride.

Leffe, Belgium

There are several of these abbey beers on offer, but the most popular are the Blonde and the Brune. Not a session ale thanks to its full-bodied taste. Savour and sip.

Guinness, Ireland

Thanks to the can widget patented by Guinness back in the 1980s, it became possible to get the rich taste of this creamy stout at home. Also known as “Black Nectar of the Gods” (though that might just be me).

Weigenstephaner Helles, Germany

The Weihenstephan Abbey in Bavaria is said to be the world’s oldest continuously operating brewery. From it comes the Original Helles lager – the go-to brew for many an expat German in Australia. The weissbier (wheat beer) is good, too.

Pirate life Imperial IPA, Australia

Voted best beer in Australia last year by Beer Cartel, this majestic IPA from South Australia is big and hoppy and, at 8.8% alcohol by volume, not for the faint of heart.


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