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Travelling to the Pacific

Are you planning a holiday to the South Pacific? Take a look at our current South Pacific travel deals or contact us for more information.

From Fiji holidays to Cook Island holidays, to incredible escapes in Samoa and quick getaways to Vanuatu, you just can’t beat the South Pacific. Only a short hop, skip and a jump from Australia’s east coast, the South Pacific is a destination of island dreams, with unbelievable sights and the most welcoming and friendly of cultures.


With over 300 islands making up Fiji, there’s no wonder it’s one of Australia’s most popular South Pacific destinations. Offering pristine waters, majestic views and a huge tourism culture, Fiji holidays are perfect for family trips, a getaway with friends or a romantic honeymoon or vacation. Travellers can explore the Coral Coast and the shores of Vitu Levu for a remote escape, indulge in 5-star resorts at Port Denaurau or make the most of the swimming, snorkelling, kava tasting and skirt weaving at one of Fiji’s many beautiful islands in Yasawa or Mamanuca.

Cook Islands

Escaping to the Cook Islands is like discovering a deluxe slice of the South Pacific all to oneself. Here, travellers will uncover a blissful escape across 15 islands, all offering untouched waters, magnificent scenery and a beach paradise with 5-star resorts no taller than a palm tree. Visitors can stay on the main island of Rarotonga or travel to one of the surrounding islands like Aitutaki or Atiu. From lagoon cruises to mountain tours to coconut husking in a Polynesian village, Cook Island holidays are truly an unforgettable escape.


A hidden jewel of the South Pacific, Samoa consists of a handful of islands, with the two main tourist gems being Upolu and Savai'i. Samoa holidays bring to your door an environment of natural beauty with glorious, white beaches, magnificent rainforests and a vibrant Polynesian culture. Dive into the unspoiled waters, hike to the site of amazing waterfalls and volcanic craters, witness a traditional Polynesian Fiafia show or simply enjoy the views from your beachfront bure or resort.


Opulence? Luxury? Relaxation? All of these things are possible when you embark on a trip to Vanuatu! Travellers can discover a wonderland of marine life beneath immaculate waters or simply slip into Vanuatu’s tranquil and gentle lifestyle. Popular activities here include sunset sailing, scuba diving, touring the villages and island safari-ing. Tourists who crave some peace and quiet can stay in the adults-only resorts on Port Vila harbour, while others can trek further out to more remote islands like Tanna, home of the active Yasur Volcano, Maewo and Bokissa Eco.


There is no place on earth quite like mesmerising Tahiti. It is the largest of all the islands that comprise French Polynesia. Tahiti and its islands are some of the most beautiful in all the South Pacific. Dive into the unspoiled waters, relax on the white beaches and meet the friendly locals on your holiday to Tahiti. This is more than just a honeymoon destination!

Solomon Islands

Being close to Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands can be a perfect island getaway, especially if you are travelling from the East Coast of Australia. With over 990 islands to explore, ‘island-hopping’ by plane or boat is guaranteed to offer an extraordinary experience. Travellers Choice is able to offer a wide range of Solomon Island hotels and villas to stay at.

New Caledonia

Discover a whole new world that's situated right on our doorstep. New Caledonia is quickly becoming one of Australia's top travel destinations. The vast array of islands in New Caledonia boast crystal clear waters as far as the eye can see.


Are your dreams set on the South Pacific? Just name your destination and Travellers Choice can help you plan, book and customise your next holiday experience in Fiji, Cook Islands, Samoa, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Tahiti, Tonga and more.

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