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Tokyo is the capital of Japan, and one of the most incredible cities for travellers to explore in all of Asia. Famous for both its ultramodern style and historical architecture it’s a city of contrasts.

For the traditional Japanese experience, the Meiji shrine is a must-visit, with its lush surrounding garden.  There’s also Senso-ji, a Buddhist temple that is the oldest in the city and a sight to behold.

For travellers in search of the bright neon lights and storeys-high shopping, Shibuya is the destination to visit. A district of dense buildings and bright signage, it’s a place to explore over a matter of days.

Famous for its electronics, Akihabara is another area of the city well worth visiting. Even for those who aren’t too interested in technology it’s a place worth checking out simply to be immersed in the cultural touchstone of electronic entertainment. 

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