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Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a fashion lover’s dream. Widely considered the shopping capital of Asia (and to some, the world), there is plenty to see and do.  Causeway Bay and Mong Kok are two areas with phenomenal shopping opportunity. In these areas, you’ll find some of the world’s biggest brands and flagship stores. 

For those who love the nightlife, Lam Kwai Fong, a small area in Central, is the place to be. With restaurants, nightclubs and more, this area actually gets closed off on New Year ’s Eve due to the crowds it attracts.

Getting around is easy with the MTR, one of the most efficient public metro transport systems in the world. In fact, the transport system is so well-designed, cities around the world take inspiration from it!

Sightseers will also love Tian Tan Buddha, which is also known as ‘Big Buddha’. The enormous 34 metre high statue is a landmark no traveller should miss!

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