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Jakarta is, like the country it sits as the capital of, huge and sprawling. Home to 10 million Indonesians, Jakarta is a cultural hub and melting pot, taking influences from all over Asia to create a city that is at once unique and very familiar. 

Its charms outweigh the often gritty appearance, and the consistent smog that plagues the city. Kota is one such charm that’s extremely popular with explorers of the city. An “old town”, the area gives visitors a glimpse into the colonial history of the nation.

Put the National Monument on your list of sights to see. Lit up in the evenings, the tower symbolises the independence of all of Indonesia. To learn more about the country’s history, visitors can make a special trip to the National Museum of Indonesia, which houses historical items and art from the country through the years.
For food lovers, Jakarta is an absolute paradise. Be sure to sample the local favourites like gado gado (a salad with a spicy peanut sauce) and perkedel jagung, a crispy corn fritter. 
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