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Africa and Middle East

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South Africa
United Arab Emirates

When visiting countries in Africa and the Middle East, there are a number of holiday destinations to consider and many unique things to see and do. 

Travelling around the continent? Are you considering visiting Botswana, Jordan, Madagascar or Kenya, or perhaps you’ve got your mind set on a particular tour of Africa? Escorted tours of Africa guarantee safety, value for money and are always accompanied by a knowledgeable and passionate tour leader. Guided African tours allow you to relax so you can enjoy your safari experience.

South Africa 

South Africa is often referred to as "a world in one country" with its blend of modern infrastructure and natural marvels. There are options for every travellers budget, from a luxury lodge to a tented camp. While in South Africa enjoy gorgeous beaches, remarkable scenery and get up and close with the big five!

Cape Town is the capital of South Africa, situated, as the name suggests, on a cape in the country’s southwest. The city is famous for being a cosmopolitan hub, but it is the abundance of natural beauty that has kept travellers coming back for many years.
Intrepid explorers will love Boulders Beach, a coastal area peppered with enormous boulders which have sat in place for hundreds of millions of years. The beach is also home to families of penguins so nature-lovers will enjoy a visit.

For entertainment in the city, check out the V&A Waterfront, an area with world-class shopping, and some of the county’s best dining. Cape Town can truly cater to every traveller, and offers an experience like nowhere else in the world!

Situated in the north-east of South Africa, Johannesburg is one of the country's most vibrant cities. While many travellers will simply pass through before heading out to go on safari, there is much to see in the city itself.

The humbling Apartheid Museum is a must-visit for any traveller, and it chronicles the history of South Africa through-out the 20th century. Just outside the city, there’s the Cradle of Humankind, a historic destination where about 40% of the world’s fossils from our human ancestors have been found - a heritage site and open to visitors, it’s not to be missed. 

For kids, or kids at heart, there’s Gold Reef City, a sprawling entertainment complex with an amusement park and for the adults, there is a casino, dining and more. Travellers needn’t exit the city to see some of the native African wildlife; Johannesburg Zoo has over 300 species on display, including lions. 

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Discover a whole new world when you visit Namibia. Vast bushlands, rugged mountains, stretches of undisturbed red desert and an abundance of wildlife, coupled with a friendly local culture, are all great ingredients for a memorable holiday in Africa.

Must see destinations include the sand-dunes of the Namib Desert, Estosha National Park for iconic wildlife and flora spotting, the Fish River Canyon which is the largest canyon in the whole of Africa, and the Skeleton Coast which is littered with ship-wrecks and giant whale skeletons!


This magnificent north African country is complete with a rich culture, unique architecture, Roman ruins, and a Mediterranean climate. Located at the very top of Africa, Morocco is the gateway from Europe to the continent, and spans from the Atlantic Ocean, to mountainous areas, to the Sahara Desert.

Get your hiking boots on and make your way up some of the countries highest peaks by visiting the Atlas Mountains, go on a camel ride into the desert or shop in the world-famous souks of Marrakesh. Marrakesh has two very different incarnations: the historic district of Medina, and the modern district, Gueliz aka Ville Nouvelle. The main square in the Medina, Djemaa El-Fna, is an experience for all five senses. Whether day or night, there is all sorts of frenetic activity happening including snake charmers and bargaining.  

For a true Moroccan experience, consider staying at a riad when in Marrakesh. A riad is a traditional Moroccan house characterised by inner gardens and courtyards which are the building’s focal point. Nowadays, many riads have been transformed into guesthouses, and most of them are located in the centre of the Medina. It's a perfect location because of its proximity to the labyrinthine souks where you can find spices, antiques, jewellery, crockery and pretty much anything else you may desire.

The city of Casablanca is no doubt Morocco’s metropolitan and economic capital – and certainly the most progressive. While Casablanca is not the most charming Moroccan destination, there are a few interesting sites and attractions to visit.

The old medina market in the north of the city is charming and typical of Morocco: narrow, maze-like and selling almost anything and everything. Morocco’s largest mosque, the King Hassan II Mosque, is another of Casablanca’s calling cards - it boasts the tallest minaret in the world and features beautiful tiling throughout. 

For those who are more adventurous, a five day return trip by camel (less if travelling by 4WD) to Erg Chigaga, one of the two major dunes of the Moroccan Sahara, will definitely get your adrenaline going!

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Landlocked Botswana is one of the richest countries in Southern Africa thanks to the foundation of diamond mining within its borders. As a result the country enjoys a great standard of living and a stable economy.

A holiday in Botswana is perfect for the adventurous as it is one of the best preserved areas of wilderness. Here you can explore the immense Kalahari Desert and spot the meerkats, or view the mesmerizing and mighty Victoria Falls. The Okavango Delta is also a must-visit destination, and whether you choose to see it by boat, balloon or helicopter is up to you!

Whether you are visiting Botswana to view the game species, or to see the unspoilt natural beauty, you will not be disappointed!


Discover secrets and ancient treasures on a holiday to Egypt! The country is best known as the home of ancient Egyptian civilisation, with its temples, hieroglyphs, mummies and of course, pyramids. Glide down the Nile River, marvel at the view of the magnificent Pyramids of Giza, go snorkelling in the Red Sea or visit the Valley of the Kings and Queens.

To Egyptians, Cairo is Umm ad-Dunya, ‘Mother of the World’. Visiting the city will make you feel like you have travelled back in time as history is beautifully preserved and seamlessly weaves in and out of daily life. 

Cairo is the gate city to the only remaining monuments of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World; the pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx. If you prefer your ancient history behind glass cases, the Egyptian Museum houses the best collection of Egyptian antiquities including some real mummies. For a fantastic market experience, Khan El Khalily is a souk where you’ll find spices, fragrances, jewellery and handicrafts. Why not finish off your day with a visit to the beautiful Al-Azhar Mosque, home to the world’s oldest university. 

The River Nile was ancient Egypt’s life-force and crucial to the flourishing of its civilisation. A great way to take in this majestic waterway is to hire a felucca, a traditional sailboat, for a relaxing evening ride. Alternatively, embark on one of the many river cruises available and you'll be able to travel the length of the country.

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Kenya might be small in comparison to other African countries, but it is bursting with wonders! It is filled with stunning landscapes, game-filled plains, beaches and coral reefs, lush forests, unique people and some of Africa’s best wildlife attractions.

Kenya is considered one of the the best places in Africa to see elephants and lions. Plus, you can view the famous flamingos of Lake Nakuru, which are often described as the "worlds greatest bird spectacle." Visit the Maasai Mara and meet the local tribes people, snorkel at the Marine National Park, horse ride in the Chyulu Hills, or simply take in some of the country's beautiful scenery.

United Arab Emirates

The capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Abu Dhabi is a global playground. Temperatures in can well exceed 40°C in the summer months and humidity is high, so you may prefer to visit in the winter months.

Beaches aren’t what you’d associate with a country full of desert, but Abu Dhabi boasts a number of pristine public and club beaches along the dazzling, 6km-long corniche waterfront, perfect for a much-needed cool down.

Visit the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and admire the 80 marble domes and 1000 pillars gracing its exterior and the marble, gold and semi-precious stones glittering on the inside. With the exception of prayer times, you’re free to explore the mosque or you can join a guided tour. If you love shopping, visit one of the city's many large malls for designer brands, international chain stores and other contemporary goods. For local and traditional items like carpets, spices, jewellery, perfumes and antiques, instead wander the souks. 

The grand, mesmerising city of Dubai is an almost-certain stop for legions of global travellers flying from Australia to Europe, Africa and beyond. This flashy city is well worth exploring.

Architecture is one of the city's many draws. Standing out on its horizon is Burj Khalifa, an awe-inspiring skyscraper thatstands at 160 storeys high and is over 828 metres high. On the other hand, there is the Burj Al Arab, a curved hotel which appears to rise up directly from the ocean. Inside its spaces are intricately decorated, often with vast amounts of real gold.

Famous for its shopping, Dubai contains some of the most lavish mall spaces in the world. The Dubai Mall contains a jaw-dropping aquarium, featuring creatures from crocodiles to penguins and over in the Mall of the Emirates, one can find Ski Dubai, a fully functional indoor ski resort, complete with a chair lift! 

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