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Africa and Middle East

Are you planning a holiday to Africa or the Middle east? Take a look at our current Africa travel deals or contact us for more information.

When visiting countries in Africa and the Middle East, there are a number of holiday destinations to consider when planning your next trip abroad.  

There are many unique things to see and do in Africa and the Middle Eastern regions. There are also a number of African holiday packages and tours to choose from including Southern Africa, Namibia, Dubai, Mozambique and Egypt.

African adventure tours

Travelling around the African continent? Are you considering visiting Botswana, Jordan, Madagascar or Kenya? Or perhaps you’ve got your mind set on a particular tour of Africa. If so, a guided safari tour might be the way to go! Escorted tours of Africa guarantee safety, value for money and are always accompanied by a knowledgeable and passionate tour leader. Guided African tours allow you to relax so you can enjoy your African safari experience.

South Africa 

South Africa is often referred to as "a world in one country" with its blend of modern infrastructure and natural marvels. There are options for every travellers budget, from a luxury lodge to a tented camp. While in South Africa enjoy gorgeous beaches, remarkable scenery and get up and close with the big five! Discover travel tips and information for South Africa. Find out more about the South African safaris and places to go while on holiday in South Africa.


Discover a whole new world that is Namibia. Vast bushlands, rugged mountains, stretches of undisturbed red desert and an abundance of wildlife, coupled with a friendly local culture, are all great ingredients for a recipe that is a memorable holiday in Africa. Must see destinations include the Namib Desert, the Estosha National Park for both iconic wildlife and flora spotting, the Fish River Canyon and the Skeleton Coast.


This magnificent African country is complete with a rich culture, unique architecture, Roman ruins, and a Mediterranean climate. Located at the top of Africa, Morocco is the gateway to the country, spanning from the Atlantic Ocean, to mountainous areas, to the Sahara desert. Get your hiking boots on and make your way up some of the countries highest peaks, go on a camel ride, shop in the famous souks or take in the panoramic views. Gain some valuable travel information for your Morocco holidays.


Landlocked Botswana is one of the richest countries in Southern Africa thanks to the foundation of diamond mining within its borders. As a result the country enjoys a great standard of living and a stable economy. A holiday in Botswana is perfect for the adventurous and relatively wealthy traveller. Botswana is one of the best preserved areas of wilderness, here you can explore the immense Kalahari Desert and view the mesmerizing Victoria Falls. Whether you are visiting to view the game species or to see the unspoilt natural beauty, you will not be disappointed!


Discover the secrets and ancient treasures on your holiday to Egypt! The transcontinental country is best known as the home of ancient Egyptian civilisation, with its temples, hieroglyphs, mummies and pyramids.  Glide down the Nile River, marvel at the view of the magnificent Pyramids of Giza, so snorkelling in the Red Sea and visit the Valley of the Kings and Queens. Contact us for more tips on planning your amazing holiday to Egypt.


Kenya might be small in comparison to other African countries, but it is bursting with wonders! It is filled with stunning landscapes, game-filled plains, beach and coral reefs, lush forest, unique people and some of Africa’s best wildlife attractions. Kenya is considered one of the the best places in Africa to see elephants, lions and the famous flamingos, described as the "worlds greatest bird spectacle." Other activities to consider on your holiday to Kenya include snorkelling at the Marine National Park, horse riding in the Chyulu Hills or simply taking in the beautiful scenery.

Africa & Middle East City Guides

We have a comprehensive list of city guides, click here to view the complete list.

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