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Travel with Purpose on Your Next Holiday in Australia

Travel with Purpose on Your Next Holiday in Australia

14 Jan 2021 Travel Tips

Make your next holiday more memorable and travel with a purpose. Whether you’re driven by supporting local business, learning about new cultures or caring for the environment, travelling with purpose will reward you in all sorts of ways. Travellers Choice has been organising meaningful travel experiences for our clients for over 40 years. Here are some valuable purpose-fuelled travel ideas for your next trip.

Travel with a mission to support local

All across Australia, local communities are ready and waiting for you, with many of the nation’s best treasures hidden within small towns and local communities. Travelling with a mission to support local businesses can provide incredible experiences. When you support small local business while travelling, not only are you uncovering hidden gems that will stay with you long after your holiday has come to an end, you’re also making a difference to local communities while doing so. Whether it’s booking a short stay in a bushfire affected region, buying fresh from a farmer’s market, taking a local tour, stopping by a small cafe or buying a gift from an independent shop, focus your attention locally to boost jobs and strengthen communities.

Contribute to a cause along the way

Make a positive impact on the world around you by volunteering while on holiday. You’ll find your travel experience more rewarding if you can give something back at the same time. Already a popular concept when travelling internationally, did you know there is a wide variety of purposeful experiences to be had in Australia? Contribute to a cause closer to home, whether it’s marine conservation, the rehabilitation of Australia’s bushlands or wildlife preservation. For genuine, professional and experienced advice on volunteering experiences while travelling domestically, contact your local Travellers Choice agent.

Learn more about local Indigenous Australian culture

Indigenous Australian travel experiences are transformative, enlightening and immersive. As well as deepening your appreciation for this beautiful country, you’ll develop new understandings and appreciations for First Nations Australians’ exquisite art, spiritual and healing practices, ties to Country and culinary journeys. If you seek adventure, crave cultural experiences, thrive in nature and enjoy unusual food experiences, you can learn a great deal during First Nations Australian guided travel experiences. Be sure your experience is provided by a First Nation owned and run operator.

Green adventures with eco-friendly travel

Eco-friendly travel can be equally as rewarding as it is enjoyable. Fortunately, Australia has plenty of green travel experiences to be enjoyed.

Travelling green can begin with choices as simple as taking public transport, supporting local vendors and selecting environmentally friendly accommodation options. Every choice made throughout your travel experience can accumulate to form a meaningful contribution to the sustainability movement. As well as making choices that make a difference, take action. You can take your own refillable drink bottle, metal straw and reusable carry bag to avoid relying on single use plastics; and take eco-friendly toiletries like biodegradable sunscreens and natural hair products.

At Travellers Choice, our mission is to create meaningful and memorable travel experiences. Contact your local Travellers Choice agent  today for ideas on adding purpose to your next holiday.

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