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The solo female traveller and the safest destinations to choose

The solo female traveller and the safest destinations to choose

15 May 2018 Travel Tips, Solo Traveller

At a time, not so long ago, solo female travellers were quite unheard of. Over the last few years however, the numbers are telling us that this is certainly changing. The number of women travelling alone is on the rise, with many – young and old – choosing adventure-filled travels over stays at home. So, why the rise in women travelling alone?

Solo offers self-discovery

Travelling alone offers women a chance to test their resilience, hone their instincts, meet new people and learn more about themselves then they would by travelling with a friend, partner, or otherwise staying at home. Women want to know who they are, and travelling definitely helps work this out!

Financial independence

Many women are more financially independent than ever before. Solo travellers are also often single and earning incomes solely for themselves, so they can spend their income as they wish.  Travel is the perfect thing to purchase – after all, it is the only thing you buy that makes you richer!

Maximum impact

Solo female travellers often have careers and significant responsibility, so taking huge amounts of time off from work is not an option. Therefore, many are choosing holidays and adventures that pack the most amount of excitement and experience into a short space of time.

Empowered equality

Women are becoming as empowered as their male counterparts, and it is not frowned upon any more to be a solo female traveller and to use your own income to travel. Many women feel empowered enough to book and pay for their own trip and confident enough to do it alone.

What are safest destinations for the solo female traveller?

Since solo travel is so appealing to many women, the natural first thought when planning a trip alone is, “where is it safe to travel to?”. Travellers Choice has put together a list of the four safest destinations to choose from;

  • Up north - Scandinavian countries like Iceland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden are wonderfully safe destinations for travellers thanks to the low crime rates. In fact, Norway, Denmark and Iceland ranked as the top three Happiest Countries in the World in 2017. 
  • The UK - Within the United Kingdom, countries like Wales, Ireland and Scotland can be particularly fun and safe spots to visit as a female traveller. These countries are steeped in beauty, mythology and ancient history and are great spots for a worldly traveller, but be prepared to have some serious fun too! 
  • Canada awaits - Violent crime is virtually non-existent in the main cities of Canada, making it an extremely safe option to travel to as a solo lady. Canadian people are extremely friendly as well and as a society they celebrate multi-culturalism.
  • Keeping it local - Australia and New Zealand consistently rank highly as must-see destinations in the world. Of course, you’ll already know that both countries are known for their exquisite natural scenery and epic outdoor, adventure-filled offerings. What’s more is that both countries are also safe for the solo traveller.

The rise of the female solo traveller is a wonderful advancement, allowing women to see parts of the world and experience new cultures that they might not otherwise see. Not to mention the fact that going solo allows you to meet other solo travellers and make new friends for life thanks to a shared, common experience.


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