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The Seasons in Norway

The Seasons in Norway

15 Mar 2021 Travel Tips

Words and images courtesy of Hurtigruten.

The four seasons in Norway are very distinct, and each have their own unique personality. Norway is also extra special in that it has a Northern Lights season that lasts from October through to the end of March. Some say you really haven’t seen all of Norway until you have experienced each of its seasons.

The entire coastline is warmed by the Gulf Stream, providing most of southern Norway with a temperate climate with dry and cold winters and comfortably warm summers.

Due to the long distances in Norway, the climate and seasons vary quite a lot between regions. While spring is blossoming in the south, winter could still be going strong in the north. Which is why you can always experience more than just one season while travelling in Norway on a coastal voyage with Hurtigruten.

Summer - June, July and August

Through the summer months, visitors can expect a special phenomenon: The Midnight Sun. Twenty four hours of daylight above the Arctic Circle gives you more time to explore and experience Norway. Other highlights include:

  • Melting water means powerful and majestic waterfalls
  • Exciting excursions in stunning sceneries - boat rides, sea eagle safaris, kayaking and hiking
  • Special sailings into three pristine and beautiful fjords
  • Lush landscape and mild temperatures

Norway Fjords

Autumn - September, October and November

Autumn is a great time to discover the Norwegian coast, as summer crowd disappears and tranquil days onboard make it easier to enjoy serene sailings in spectacular scenery:

  • Sail into enchanting fjords like Trollfjord and Hjørundfjord
  • Enjoy fresh locally sourced cuisine, delivered directly to the ship
  • Crystal clear crisp air, and chances to see Northern Lights above the Arctic Circle
  • The best season for hiking
  • Experience coastal Norway at its most colourful

Autumn in Kirkenes - Norway

Winter - December, January and February

Sailing with Hurtigruten in winter, away from light pollution, provides the best and most reliable chances for experiencing the Northern Lights. Other highlights:

  • Discover wild and untamed Norwegian winter scenery, and snow-covered landscapes
  • Explore the vast wilderness by snowmobile, dog sled or cross-country skiing
  • Enjoy the cold, crisp air and Arctic light in different colours as you experience polar nights above the Arctic Circle
  • The Hurtigruten Northern Lights Promise - if the Northern Lights do not appear on your cruise to Norway, Hurtigruten will give you another 6 or 7-day Classic Voyage free of charge (applicable on select voyages between 1 October and 31 March, terms and conditions apply, ask us for details).

Dog sledding - Tromso Norway

Spring - March, April and May

Spring gives you three seasons in one journey. Enjoy summer-like weather in Bergen, spring along the way, and full winter above the Arctic Circle.

  • Experience the return of the light and vitality along the coast
  • Longer days give you more time to see and experience the white wonderland in the north, March and April are the best months for snow north of the Arctic Circle
  • Prime time for ice and sea fishing
  • There are still chances of seeing the Northern Lights

Northern Lights

Travel through the seasons with Hurtigruten

On a Norwegian coastal voyage with Hurtigruten, the onboard activities, restaurant menus and shore excursions change according to the time of year and the waters you’re sailing in. Each season brings new opportunities to experience your voyage in an entirely different light, ask your local Travellers Choice agent about booking to see Norway with Hurtigruten.

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