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The Perfect Tropical Getaway

The Perfect Tropical Getaway

20 Apr 2022 Travel Tips
Decorative coral coastlines, sparkling lagoons and the magnetism of island life, all this and more describe what it is to spend time in the Cook Islands. A dreamy paradise filled with beautiful sights and natural wonders, every traveller will find something to appease their island fantasies. You’ve got romantic beaches for sunbaking, Maori villages with cultural experiences, lagoons teaming with sea life and lush hiking trails. Here are our tips for experiencing the perfect tropical getaway when visiting Rarotonga in the Cook Islands.

Stroll Along Muri Beach 

Imagine shallow stretches of sand surrounded by ripples of aquamarine waters. It paints a picturesque scene perfect for romantic walks by the shore. The Motu islets off the shore bring life and vibrance into the surreal seascape.

Snorkel at Aroa Marine Reserve 

The Aroa Marine Reserve is home to pristine waters and rich marine life ideal for snorkelling. The area is off-limits to motorised boats so you and the kids can safely swim in the waters. You can also try kayaking to explore the seas at your own pace or, sit back on a beach chair while watching the sunset. We recommend bringing your own snorkelling gear, reef shoes and flippers if you can! 

Experience Cook Islands Maori Culture at Te Vara Nui Village

The Te Vara Nui Village offers an authentic cultural experience when visiting Raro. Get to know more about the local Cook Islands Maori people with an interactive guided village tour, an overwater night show or a visit to the Saturday morning markets. 

Roam The Capital 'City'

When visiting the Rarotonga, you can’t miss the capital Avarua. This laidback town, sitting in the north of the island, has plenty of attractions. Drop by the Cook Islands Library Museum for a glimpse of the island’s history. For souvenirs, Perfumes of Rarotonga carry tropical fragrances that you can bring home. After a long day of walking, enjoy a hearty seafood dinner at one of the relaxed beachfront restaurants.

Discover Hidden Wonders Inside a Shipwreck

Rarotonga hides bountiful treasures under the sea, like the "Boiler" shipwreck in the northern part of the island. It’s easy to spot from a distance because the tip of the ship juts out of the water. Dive down and swim alongside the marine creatures living inside the wreck.  

Hike Across The Island

If you want to experience a new hiking adventure, try the cross-island track which takes you right across Rarotonga. The trail offers stunning views and iconic landmarks, such as the Te Rua Manga or the Needle Mountain in the north and Wigmore’s Waterfall or Papua in the south.

For more information on the tropical paradise of The Cook Islands or to book your trip, contact your local Travellers Choice agent today.

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