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Staying safe on holiday

Staying safe on holiday

20 Apr 2016 Angela Matthews Travel Tips, Couples, Family, Solo Traveller
Anyone who has ever travelled internationally knows how exhilarating it can feel. Of course, in a foreign land, it can also be a little frightening. Some of these fears are personal, like the simple fear of the unfamiliar. Others are somewhat justified, like the fear of being robbed. To minimise risk, these are some simple things to bear in mind while on holiday.

Get the Lay of the Land

Talking to your travel agent before you leave is absolutely invaluable for learning the intricacies of your destination. The same goes for hotel concierges or B&B hosts. Their experience and advice on a particular area is absolutely invaluable, and a lot more accessible than endless googling of a neighbourhood or area.

Know Your Neighbourhoods

Getting lost is a big fear for many travellers. When it happens, it can leave them feeling vulnerable. To combat this, travellers should ensure they’re always armed with a connected cell phone that can both make calls, and access maps. This small expense will help navigate unfamiliar areas in a much more accessible fashion than a traditional paper map would. Speaking of maps…

Be Discreet

This is a tough one, but try not to look like too much of a tourist. Unfurling a massive map or clutching a guide book in a foreign city is a dead giveaway, and can attract attention from thieves who see tourists as easy marks.

Taxis and Drivers

This seems a simple point to make, but still: do not take unlicensed taxis (or “gypsy” cabs) or rides. If a taxi is not licensed, or a driver is not connected with a ride-sharing service, they should always be avoided. This is especially pertinent at airports, where gypsy cabs often wait to offer rides to new arrivals. The taxi rank is the only place a traveller should be catching a ride from. 

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