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Reasons to use a Travel Agent

Reasons to use a Travel Agent

13 Apr 2016 Angela Matthews Travel Tips
You’ve got a computer at home and a smartphone in your pocket and both devices can be used to book a complete international holiday from start to finish if you wanted to. So why would anyone use a travel agent? Organising your flights, hotels, transport, tours, cruises and other events can be a huge job when planning a holiday. From accidentally selecting an unsatisfying hotel, to booking the wrong date for your connecting flight, a lot can go wrong if you attempt to arrange everything yourself.

Here are our top reasons to book with a Travel Agent:

Imagining seeing the ruins at Machu Picchu is fun; endless googling of dozens of deals and packages in your browser isn't. Travel agents can save you an incredible amount of time and money in organising and booking your holiday. Instead of spending hours researching various destinations, sifting through dozens of hotel options and growing confused about what tours are right for you, travel agents can advise you on what’s best and they can transform arranging a holiday from a stressful exercise into an easy and fun process.

Getting the best deal can be a little hard when you’re self-booking. Try to book the same flight two days in a row and you’ll likely be met with two different prices. To make sense of this and navigate this minefield, a travel agent can access a range of prices not publicly available. Travel agents also have access to competitive wholesale prices, meaning they can offer some fantastic, money-saving deals that will work within your holiday budget.

Travel is all about new experiences, but it can be hard to break out of your comfort zone while in the planning stages of a holiday. Foreign countries can be a quite daunting leaving many travellers to opt for English-speaking countries only, but that leaves out so many incredible opportunities! Most travel agents will be highly seasoned and experienced travellers themselves, with a passion for seeing the world and they will be able to offer sound advice for wherever you’re thinking of going, and can help ease anxiety about heading into the unknown. Is the region safe? What are the local laws and customs I should be aware of? Do I need a visa to enter the country? These are all questions a travel agent can answer, saving you a significant amount of time Googling. 

Travelling with a group is a great for two important reasons: the shared experience is incredible for the whole group and group pricing can help make a holiday that much more affordable.  It is not easy trying to book flights, accommodation and activities for larger numbers at home yourself, but travel agents are experienced in this sort of thing. They know how to assemble an itinerary to keep everyone in a group happy and they will also have access to group discounts!

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