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Our top 3 destinations for foodies

Our top 3 destinations for foodies

19 Apr 2016 Angela Matthews Travel Tips

It used to be people travelled the world and came back with photos of themselves beside famous landmarks, but a cursory glance at Facebook or Instagram reveals something different: food is the name of the game now.

‘Foodie’ culture has exploded, helped along by the rise of social networks that add a sense of community to the eating experience, with dishes photographed and shared endlessly.

So, where in the world should you travel for the best gastronomic experiences?



Japan is a country beloved by foodies for the way it blends traditional cuisines, many of which have been around for hundreds of years, with innovative new ideas. In fact, the bustling metropolis of Tokyo is home to some ten Michelin-starred restaurants.

Japan’s signature dishes are many and varied, including seafood, like sashimi of many different types, and wagyu beef, the world famous cut that originated in Nippon. 



The United States is a vast land for food-lovers of all stripes. In cities like New York and Los Angeles, you’ll find some of the world’s finest restaurants, offering new culinary experiences that patrons will travel from around the world for.

In these cities, and between them, you’ll also find an array of local gourmet traditions, from the rich, crispy southern fried chicken, to the succulent lobster rolls of the north east.


The nation that exported gastronomy to the world is an absolute must for any and every food-loving traveller. All over France, but especially in Paris, gastro-tourists can find some of the world’s finest restaurants. That’s in addition to scores of bakeries, patisseries and cafes that France is known for.

Of course, there’s much more to France than the stereotypical escargot and frogs’ legs. Cheeses from all across Europe are on offer, as is some of the very best bread and wine. All up, there’s a lot to love!

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