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Our favourite destinations for wellness travel

Our favourite destinations for wellness travel

27 Jul 2017 Angela Matthews Travel Tips, Couples, Short Breaks, Solo Traveller
Whether you’re travelling in a group, as a couple or alone, wellness holidays are a great idea to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. There are a few places around the world that offer a tranquil environment, that is specifically designed to ease your stresses ensuring you return home feeling like a new person.

Check out our favourite wellness destinations...


Bali is known around the world for its soul-inspiring qualities. There are a range of wellness retreats that cater to people who wish to escape from the stresses of everyday living.
Bali hugs the Indian Ocean and enjoys a tropical climate, which means the water is warm and you’ll have the best selection of fresh fruits at your disposal. There is a deep spiritual affiliation with Bali, and there are many sacred temples you can visit. Wellness retreats here are operated by experts who provide you with an exercise routine, nutritional guidance and meditation techniques to ensure you are looking after your overall wellbeing.


If you’ve read or watched ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ then you’ll know why India is good for your well-being. Yoga originated here and it forms part of the recommended meditation practise. 

Using yoga as a means of rejuvenating yourself is not only a good idea, it’s highly encouraged. Don’t think of it as exercising - the practise of yoga allows you to free your mind, align your body and release your tension.
Whilst in India you can learn various stretches and poses from the world’s best yoga experts. And, just like in Bali, you’ll feel connected to the land on a spiritual level that opens your mind in new ways.

New Zealand

Paradise for nature lovers, New Zealand is filled with beautiful gardens, hiking trails, lakes and landscapes. Exploring the outdoors can do wonders for your soul.  There is nothing like the feeling of walking atop a mountain admiring the views below. 

New Zealand is the kind of wellness destination that puts your life into perspective by helping you appreciate your place in the world, in relation to all of nature’s wonders. You should definitely visit Milford Sound and Queenstown to experience this feeling of contentment.


Being close to the sea is extremely therapeutic, and Mauritius is surrounded by it. From the minute you land, you’re welcomed by the relaxing island lifestyle. The clear blue waters alone will transport your mind to a whole new level, and standing on the shore, admiring the views and vastness of the ocean will bring you peace, and make all your daily life stresses disappear. 

What’s great about visiting Mauritius is that there is such a wide range of activities to do. Not everyone enjoys the deepness of a wellness retreat, so if you have more of an adventurous spirit, you can enjoy fun water sports or rock climbing during your stay.


While many people associate Thailand with adventure and partying, there are also parts of the country that offer beautiful tranquil getaways. The coastline of Phuket is dotted with wellness retreats that provide rejuvenating exercise, nutrition and meditation workshops. You’ll also enjoy warm weather and scenic views of the blue waters and mountainous landscapes to refresh your mind.

Wellness can be described in many different ways, but the one constant thread is that you need to work on achieving a happy mind, body and soul. Your well-being should always be a priority so why not try one of these breathtaking destinations?


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