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Tokyo will host the 2020 Olympic Games in 2021.

Create a Tokyo Olympics Holiday at Home

15 Jul 2021 Travel Tips
Rather than succumb to more feelings of disappointment because of the ongoing travel restrictions caused by COVID-19, we thought that if we can’t help our travellers get to Tokyo, we’d help bring the sights, sounds and tastes of Japan to them instead!

The sights of Tokyo

Tokyo is a thrill at any time of year, but this year there’s a bit extra in store. We’re talking about the 2020 Olympics! For your ultimate Tokyo-style night in, we’d recommend starting with the Olympics on the big screen. You’ll be able to access broadcasts of the events on Channel 7 or online at 7 Plus, including the Opening Ceremony on Friday 23 July – a unique aspect of the Games which invites people to discover the host country’s culture through music, song and dance. Check out the official events schedule here.

After the Olympics, why not embark on a virtual tour of Tokyo’s cultural venues? Japan is world-renowned for its high-tech lifestyle, and thanks to that you can take a full tour of the National Museum of Nature and Science from the comfort of your own home. If you enjoy that, there’s plenty more to see and do thanks to Japan RailPass’s guide to 15 different arts, science and culture venues you can view online in their entirety!  

The tastes of Tokyo

While you’re watching the Olympic Games or taking a virtual stroll through the halls of the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, you’re bound to get pretty hungry. To harness the taste of Tokyo, you’ve got two options. You can contact your favourite local Japanese restaurant and order for delivery, or roll up your sleeves and get cooking at home. If ordering in, we’d recommend some of our favourite dishes like agedashi tofu, yakitori and unagi no kabayaki.

If you’re cooking at home, try something simple - like this colourful sushi rainbow roll from Celebrity Cruises’s Raw on 5 specialty sushi restaurant. 

The sounds of Tokyo

While you’re cooking or dining, turn up the sounds of Tokyo with Spotify’s new range of Tokyo-themed playlists! We love Tokyo Rising, the Olympic Channel Podcast, Tokyo Anthology and Urban Classical Japan.

So there you have it – a quick solution to bring the wonders of Tokyo to you while you can’t be over there during these Olympic Games.

Make a note of any places you like the look of while you’re tuned into the Games, then come and have a chat with one of our local independent travel agents to start planning your trip to Japan. We can’t wait to help you iron out your holiday goals and map out the trip of a lifetime!

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