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Coffee around the globe

Coffee around the globe

14 Dec 2018 Travel Tips

Words by Bev Malzard

Aussies love coffee. Fact. Here are our favourite coffees from around the world.

Greek coffee

This strong ground powdered coffee is made by spooning it into a briki (Greek coffee pot) with water and a little sugar, then bringing to the boil and stirring roughly. The ‘crema’ is the shiny foaming surface. 

Served in tiny cups and downed in two sips - delicious!

Italian cappuccino

There was a long evolution to perfect this cuppa, which is named after the Capuchin friars’ cloaks. This highly caffeinated treat is a double espresso with steamed milk, which creates a lovely ‘crema’.

To be consumed before midday - never after!

Moroccan nous-nous

‘Nous-nous’ is Arabic for ‘half-half’ – part coffee and part hot milk. This strong, tasty drink is served in a little glass tumbler.

Vienna coffee

An indulgent traditional drink made with two shots of black espresso in a standard size cup, topped with a generous serving of swirled whipped cream, and dusted with chocolate sprinkles. It is a treat worth making room for!

Balinese coffee

Kopi luwak, or ‘cat poo’ coffee is the world’s most expensive blend, produced from beans that have been digested by civet cats that select the finest, ripest coffee cherries to eat. The cats can’t digest the beans, so they pass them in their stool and their anal glands impart an elusive musky smoothness to the roasted coffee. Be brave and try it next time you're in Bali!



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